Sick and Tired of Rejection they become Strippers

What drives a girl to become a stripper.
To become so lost and deprived of any true love but still willing to endure the hell involved.

What really makes a woman want to degrade herself by sharing(selling) her body with(to) the world.
To go to bed at night with tears rolling down her cheeks knowing it’s not worth it. But waking up in the morning continuing the vicious cycle.


I look back now and see my little heart as a small girl. Rejection was written all over it.


Not only was I rejected by the first man in my life. My dad. I was then later rejected by boys.
I was stinkin’ tired of rejection!
Tired of offering my heart over and over again. And in return receiving pain, lies, and simply being ignored.

Somewhere in my sick mind I knew I could lose rejection once and for all! Finally.
I knew I wanted to pack my bags and be done with my enemy ..rejection.
My bags contained all I needed to endure this new life I thought I wanted.
My “luggage” would be packed with…
Bitterness and Hatred

And only God knows what else.

My anger, bitterness, and hatred towards my father and men in general would be my fuel that would drive me indeed.

Well, it would’ve driven me but my little journey never began.
Because you see at the age of 16. That lonely girl found herself alone in a room, crying out. Yes. She had already packed her bags nice and full. But at the end all the pain. All the hurt. All the lies and anger would not be enough to hold her back from running to The Saviour!

Could there really be a Man that wouldn’t reject her?? She didn’t know but she had to take the chance.
She unpacked her heavy bags. And she cried. Because for once in her life she could finally just be herself and no longer fear rejection. It was as if He wiped away her tears and cradled her broken heart.

She waved bye to those demons and the devil himself that had been waiting outside the door for her. The path that had been paved just for her vanished. And a new one appeared almost instantly.

How can it be that the Creator of the universe cares for me.

I’m forgiven because You were forsaken
I’m accepted. You were condemned
I’m alive and well- Your spirt is within me- because You died and You rose again.

You see I realize now that Jesus was rejected FOR US. For me.
I had been rejected countless times. But when I ran into His open arms that night He recieved me.

All that past rejection would’ve definitely caused me to become someone I really wouldn’t have wanted to be. To do things I wouldn’t have really wanted to do.
13 years later scary to think where I would be.

It’s time.
Time to UNpack your bags. Let it go. And run into the arms of your Saviour.
I promise He will welcome you.
Of course He will. Remember He was rejected so you wouldn’t have to be.

Lots of Love,

From rejection to finally being accepted.


Why buy the cow? If the milk is free?


“Why buy the cow……when the milk is FREE”?!…

I’m pretty sure many men have said this, thought this, figured this, laughed at this, AND have actually LIVED IT!

So what does it even mean.. Let me break it down:

Let’s just say someone gave you a pretty nice car, or maybe an ugly looking one but hey it runs and the best part? THEY GAVE IT TO YOU…FREE!! Yup, no charge. All yours. You can drive it whenever. Everyday. All day.

Now let me ask you……..

Would you pay for the car even if they gave it to you

Would you work to save up for the car? OF COURSE NOT! It’s already yours.

There’s NO need to work for it….since its already all yours.

Than Ladies why do you give yourself away for free and than expect a man to marry you.

Ladies, why do give it up after knowing him for a day? week? A month? Before marriage?

Than become upset when he no longer works to win your heart.
Why would he have to when the “milk” is free.

Ladies, why would you dress half-naked or with skin tight clothes than cry about it later when you find out all he really wanted from you was only what you were “advertising”?


God made women beautiful, delicate, sweet, valuable, worthy. It doesn’t matter if a “man” tells you otherwise. But we gotta keep ourselves expensive!! And by expensive I mean…..
No sex mister till you can PROVE that your a ONE WOMEN MAN! (And honestly for me that proof comes when he can put that ring on your finger and say ‘I DO’). And a good man will WANT to prove it to you more easily if:
(Now you may not agree BUT I speak with experience…)
No intimate touch….till your wedding night.
(For me that included: no kissing, no hugging, and of course no lovemaking..;)

Ladies can complain that most men are just dogs that want one thing but if women are giving it to them …practically for free or very very cheap then why would they want to buy the cow(marriage) or (faithful commitment), if the milk is FREE??

Now I salute all you men and Christan men that don’t allow yourselves to try the “milk” until you have paid for the whole thing….!!

Because that is where true love lies dear ladies and gentlemen…

Ladies: Allowing and declaring that men prove their love to you.

And no not by buying you a stuffed animal or a nice card. I’m talkin’ REAL, TRUE, UNFAILING LOVE! A trustworthy love.
A love that puts you before their own “needs” and lusts. A self-less love.
A love that wants to protect. Your virtue. Your body. Your HEART.
A LOVE that knows Who created it in the first place and realizes that they wouldn’t dare mess with something so fragile, so beautiful, and delicate!

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, Doesn’t have a swelled head, Doesn’t force itself on others, Isn’t always “me first,” Doesn’t fly off the handle, Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, Doesn’t revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.
-1 Corinthians 13 (MSG)

I’m so thankful that my husband and I both wanted to wait till our wedding night.
We both wanted to try it God’s way.
We both in the past had tried it “our” way(the world’s way).

Some could say having sex WITHOUT commitment can be fun BUT is it really fun when you wake up to find out he only wanted you for your FREE “milk”??
Or when you hear that he’s already went through 5 girls since dumping you?

See if you choose to save yourself till marriage(REALcommitment) yeah there’s a chance you still might get hurt.
And if you choose to save yourself your boyfriend might decide to leave.
But I just believe the risk is worth it.

I mean your risking it either way if you choose to just give out FREE “test drives” anyways.

Risk saying No when he’s calling you or smooching all over you.

Risk saying No by not putting yourself in situations where it might be tempting to say yes, and give in.

For me my relationship with God is pretty much the main conviction I had that sustained me.

I am now going on 12 years of marriage and one of the best parts of the whole thing is I am now able to share this victory with my son and daughter!

Now I know many hearts may have already given in but don’t lose hope. Get back up and the more you draw near to your Maker and Creator the easier it will become. Because you’ll realize that God doesn’t say ‘Wait’ because He’s a mean God just waiting to strike us.
But that He loves us too much to NOT warn us and protect us.

Your sexual desires were meant to attract and bind you to your spouse. So if your married use that power girl!

And if your single and it’s getting just too hard to wait hopefully reading these blunt quotes will help:
Click here !!!
AND CLICK HERE! For some encouragement.


She’s NOT what she’s wearing…she’s what’s IN her….

You know I believe a lot of times women are judged mostly by what they wear or not wear.

And I’ll be the first to admit I’ve probably done it and sadly I’m pretty sure I’ve also been the target.

And now believe me I know that their are times where my eyeballs may have wanted to fall out after seeing a girl walk by wearing next to nothing or something extremely bizarre and well…I think that’s just human reaction.

But what if….what if for like one day God allowed us to look past that (which at times can be hard) and see into every woman’s heart.


What would we see? What would you see? What would I see?

A brokenhearted soul that had believed in love once….so long ago. But after the molestation or rape she hated love and anything that even looked like it.

A beat up and bruised soul that had lived her life trying to make her husband happy only to be the subject of all his rage and anger night after night.

A lonely used up soul that continues to give herself away just trying and hoping to fill up that huge void in her heart that her daddy left when he walked out of her life for good.

Or maybe you would find a heart beating for all the wrong reasons.
For prestige.
For popularity.
For greed.
For revenge.
For success.

Or a heart possessed and poisoned but wanting and waiting to be free from

In the end we are all pretty much the same.
We all long for love and kindness.

What we wear does not necessarily always reflect or reveal what is in the deepest parts of our heart. Looks can be deceiving.

For example in some countries they take it to the extreme with forcing their women to cover up basically from head to toe. Believing that is what classifies them as modest and pure.


What about their hearts?!
Because what is inside someone’s heart is who they really are!

So a woman can be wearing a potato sack or a thick blanket to cover her whole body BUT that doesn’t make her any holier or pure if her heart is far from it.

OR vice versa a girl could be revealing her arms or shoulders or some of her neck or maybe even a swimsuit but her heart could most definitely possess purity, godliness, wholeness, righteousness and truth.

So like the title states:
She is not what she is wearing but she is what is in her ..HEART!

Now that doesn’t give me the excuse to dress like a prostitute or what I believe is immodest while declaring and proclaiming that hey it’s all good anyways since my heart is whole and doesn’t carry all that ‘bad’ stuff.
Yeah-Right… That right there shows pride and rebellion honey.
Which if you are not a self proclaimed Christian than knock yourself out.
But for us women that are living our lives to please our Saviour Jesus than we should go the extra mile of maintenancing (maintaining) our heart and being an example of modesty. 🙂

Yes, even when we don’t want to.

Because in the end it’s what is in our heart that will answer for us.

Jeremiah 17:10-
I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve”.

Proverbs 4:23-
Above all else, guard your heart; for out of it flows the issues of life.

But now don’t feel condemned because remember
If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and He knows everything. -1 John 3:20

Our hearts are deceitful little things but if you have surrendered it over to Jesus Who formed your heart in the beginning than He will speak to you and help you keep it maintained be sure of that.

So pray for people’s hearts.
Perhaps too many times we pray about their actions. Oh God, please help them stop doing that or saying that…..But what comes out of a person is what is in a man.
So believe God to change their heart. And believe God to change yours.

Something I believe God showed me recently is unless a man’s heart and spirit changes than they will stay in the same boat.

Personally my heart is disgusted and saddened with sex-trafficking and pornography especially child pornography. And I would pray about it but I don’t remember ever praying that God would change the hearts and spirits of the people involved. Well since being shown this I have started praying specifically that God would change the heart and spirit of those on top (meaning the top dogs, the ones with a lot of power) in these horrendous crimes.
Because than and only then will life’s be transformed for eternity.

So let’s not make the mistake of letting what she’s wearing decide for us who she really is. And hey even if by chance it is than may our heart become saddened and choose to pray either than puffed up in a holier than thou attitude.


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Freedom to choose your man and be a lady while doing it

Yesterday was Independence Day in the beautiful U.S.A. Land of the free. Because of the BRAVE!

That means we have many many privileges and rights that many other countries do not.


I am forever thankful that God allowed me to be born here.
I may not have had the best childhood but I did partake and enjoy of the many privileges of this great land.

BUT as I look around…it saddens me because I watch so many people especially women (because that is who I mostly write to and about here) who throw their freedom around like a wet dog.

What freedom am I talking about?
( (Clears throat ) )
The freedom to choose who they ALLOW to have them. To touch them. To kiss them. To hold their hand. To marry and live with. And yes to be intimate with!


So if we have that privilege why do so many choose to sleep with dogs?
And my meaning of a “dog” would be: but not limited to:
A whoremonger-
a person who has dealings with prostitutes, *especially a sexually promiscuous man*.

Pretty much the opposite of a whore. So pretty much a man-whore.

Now I’m not here to judge anybody.
If that’s who you are and that’s what you willingly choose than of course that is on you. BUT I know there are girls/women out there that wholeheartedly DO NOT
want to choose that kind of man to share their hearts with much less their bodies!!

So guess what girls!?
YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!! You have the right, the privilege, the freedom to CHOOSE…
To say NO to that boy that wants to put his dirty paws all over you!

To say YES to modesty, even though so so many girls are walking around revealing what was only meant for their husband’s.

To say YES to respect, to virtue, to true love, to dating WITHOUT sex. You know (and this is a shocker) real dating. Such as going to dinner, talking over the phone, shopping together, laughing together WITHOUT SEX or being all over each other!
That still exists you know.

You have the freedom to save yourself till marriage!
You have the freedom to request that the man you choose to date open the car door for you. Buy you flowers, in other words “WOO you”

Back in the day, love relationships were easier because they were well defined. There was courtship instead of dating. Men wooed women. Now men and women hang out and hook up. Many people have sex thinking it’s the beginning of a relationship rather than having a relationship first and then expressing their love and commitment through sex.
– See more at:

You get to choose whether or not you want to date or be courted. If you’re consistently let down and feel unfulfilled in your experiences with potential partners, try letting a man woo you instead of date you. (This could mean) letting him open doors for you, plan dates, pay for your meals (you can still offer), keep his word, give you flowers, etc. It means treating him with respect and trust – (And allow him to treat you likewise).
See more at:

You can also check out this article I found here that could help with the wooing. 😉 Getting a man to woo you.

But believe me I didn’t grow up knowing that men were made to cherish us, truly love and care for us. Crazy but I didn’t know that!

And I believe so many girls in this pornified generation don’t really know that or believe that.
We have sex to become close when in reality sex is a privilege that God created for inside of marriage.
If he’s not even close to what you would want your son to become than why give him something so precious and worthy as your heart and body?
Don’t settle for way less than you deserve.

Some may ask… But why marriage? Why do I have to wait till marriage?
Well simply put did God create marriage or not?
Because if He did than He undoubtedly knows better. Right?

The time before marriage is the stage to realize if this is the man you want to share the rest of your life with. So once married you both can share and bask in the privilege of intimacy. With No fear. Or doubt.


Come on use your freedom for what it’s worth!
You can leave the sex part as a privilege for your future husband to gain. Not something for him to have already possess.
And if when courting you come to find that he IS NOT what you would want your son to be or absolutely NOT someone you would love for your daughter to one day marry than you will be able to cut him off faster and easier if there was no sexual intimacy going on.

Read this book and you’ll understand.: “HOOKED”.
You can find it here!

So women use your independence, YOUR FREEDOM to let go of all those guys that only want to use you, and disrespect you. You do have the power.
A real man is wired to rise up to the level he needs to and has to to survive. But why should they if they don’t have to or need to.
They can get free sex, they can shack up with any girl and receive wife benefits.
They can watch pornography anytime and almost everywhere for easy and fast but not truly satisfying “quickies”.

Ex-porn producer reveals Myths of pornography

Yes, there’s a lot of things we women cannot help when it comes to making men rise up.
BUT there is a lot we CAN DO.

You check out a few of these other posts from me and see if in there you can search out something you can contribute.
A beautiful woman and a pigs snout.

Oh baby give me some chivalry.


My prayer is that women would use the power and freedom they have to (without words) call men (with their actions) to rise up and become knights with shining armor.

And for all the women out there that maybe have given up on love.
After being hurt over and over again. Indulge and immerse your soul in The Man that first created your heart. There and only then will you know what to expect from a real man.

And for all the men out there that have risen up to the challenge of becoming a gentleman by realizing that women half dressed are really someone’s daughters. By choosing to respect women even if they choose to not respect themselves. By protecting their virtue.

And don’t forget to thank God everyday for this wonderful privilege we call freedom.


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Who wants a ….”good boy”??


Why is that many girls/women fall for “bad boys”?
What is a “bad boy” anyways?
Lets see…

If he has tattoos?
If he wears his jeans way below his bottom?
If he cusses and swears and smokes?
If he wears an earring or earrings?
If he still lives at home with his momma?
Or maybe if he’s a “playa“…you know has a new girl every other night?

I have to admit… I actually fell for a “bad boy” myself when I was just 15.

(I know now that my bad boy addiction was just the symptom of a much more deeper issue in my heart. But I’ll leave that for another post….coming soon..)

But now let’s talk about “good boys” because that’s what this post is really about!

And let me just say that I ended up marrying a GOOD BOY! And I am truly LOVING it!!

Sometimes we might think that a good boy is some dude that is geeky, nerdy, too skinny, badly out of tune with fashion, blah blah blah….
Is that really a good boy?

What about a man that wants to save his next sexual encounter for marriage.
What about the boy that chooses to not kiss a girl till he puts that wedding ring on her finger.
Or that young man that lives clean, pure, and trying his best to obey God.

That was the kinda good boy I happily married.

We saved ourselves till our wedding night.
We chose to keep our first kiss till after our pastor announced: “You may kiss the bride”!
My husband lived for God. But not only on the weekends or just on Sunday mornings.
He decided at the age of 20 that he would wholeheartedly live a life that would please God.

**So if that makes him a good boy…than so be it.**

And now he is teaching our young son to be a “good boy”!
And I gotta say that makes me a very proud wife. And maybe even one day a happy and blessed mother-in-law to that very special and lucky good girl that will call my son her “good boy”.

So if your a “good boy” .. THANK YOU!!!

And if living to truly please God makes YOU a so called “good boy” than who cares, so be it! KEEP IT UP!

Now I know that in Isaiah 64:6 it clearly states that our “goodness” is like filthy rags.
So I’m not in any way saying that you doing “good things” automatically turns you into a “good boy”.

But I am ‘defending’ all you men/boys out there that ARE keeping themselves pure till their incredible wedding night!! 🙂

And I am ‘rooting’ for you boys that take commitment SERIOUSLY!!
That choose to NOT be out there making “baby mommas”!

Yes! Those awesome men that RESPECT a girl way too much to just make her a little “shack-up” honey!

And ALL them boys that are not afraid to be called “prude”, dumb, or afraid to be singled out BECAUSE they haven’t had sex yet, haven’t tongue kissed a girl just yet,
or have never watched porn!…and don’t plan on ever watching it neither!

Your the kinda boy I would want for my daughter to grow up and marry. 😉

So Do NOT let the world lower your standards!!
**There are girls out there that are waiting for someone just like you! **

I believe God created men to be Strong, faithful, loving, respectful, a provider, etc!!

I am so grateful to God that He sent me a “good boy”. 🙂 And that by than He had broken “the bad boy addiction
so I was able to relax and truly allow myself to deeply fall in love with a man that didn’t smoke, party and sleep around.((SHOCK))

A man that was not a womanizer! And a man that actually wanted commitment!((SHOCK))

A man that respected me enough to shower me with love WITHOUT sex involved!(Until after our wedding day, of course) 😉 ((DOUBLE SHOCKER))

I tell you these kinda men still exist!
take your eyes off of them bad boys and start respecting and guarding yourself, your body, your heart and you just might allow yourself to relax and fall in love with someone you were meant for! That someone that believes you are worthy of love….
True Love.

I promise its so worth it!! Yes….11 years later…its still worth it!

So good boys come out, come out wherever you are….And stand strong and don’t give up!
If God is for you, who can be against you?

Thank you @Mizzpeh for the inspiration to write this post!

Thankful for REAL men…


If you are listed below….Let me just say THANK YOU!! I have respect/admiration
for you.

I am thankful for:

The men who choose to nurture, love, care for, “stick around”, and commit to raising their children.

The men who have decided to no longer “shack up”. You’d rather put your “needs” and feelings aside to protect her virtue.

The men who choose to respect, love, adore, cherish, and actually work at winning her heart instead of just using her or playing her.
~The men who wholeheartedly and sincerly choose to “put a ring on it” before SEX!

The men who put God first.Who center their lives around Him and wanting to please Him not just theirselves.

The men who have chosen to completely
give up watching and looking at pornography! Knowing the destruction and pain it causes…

The men that rebel against the kind of guy the world tells them that they should be. (A “player”, a cheater(adulterer), liar, abuser, an exploiter of women and girls!).

The men who love their wives AND daughters!
~The daddies who treat their daughters the way they would want another man to treat them.
~The daddies that protect, fight for, and pray for their daughters.
~The daddies that live by example. Showing their daughters what a REAL man looks like, behaves, and talks like.


I know my list could go on….and on….

May God continue to truly BLESS all the REAL men out there!!! We are thankful for you.
And I gotta say that includes the love of my life…my husband. Thank you baby for bein’ a REAL man.

Happy Thanksgiving…
What are you thankful for this season?

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They just want to be pretty


I seen her …
Okay, yes I admit .. I kinda watched her.
And my heart saddened.
Because it was almost like she had a huge sign attached to her forehead that read:
“I just want to be pretty”.
“I just want to be called “beautiful”,

The part that saddened me was:
She was trying too hard.
And the really really sad part was:
She didn’t even know it.

The woman I seen this particular day was an older aged woman maybe somewhere in her fourties. Maybe a mother, maybe even a grandmother.. And as she sat there in her really short, tight and revealing dress, it was like I could almost hear a cry or maybe it was just the look on her face? But she wanted, No,she NEEDED to feel pretty.
Which isn’t a “baaaad” thing entirely.

Because most women want and need to feel beautiful.
And when we don’t … it can truly “mess” with us. Sadly.
Every woman deeply and sincerely longs to be:
Beautiful ! And Wanted!
And we absolutely NEED:

That’s why I believe one reason why girls/woman become strippers, porn stars etc because it is guaranteed attention!

When I was 15…. my “dream job” was to become a stripper.
Why???!!! What was I thinking?!
Was I stupid or something?! Seriously?
No, I was just a young girl that wanted..No, that needed attention.
Yes, I guess I believed attention -equaled- love.
What a lie.

It breaks my heart that girls try so hard to be noticed. But like I said earlier the really sad part is.. they don’t even know it.
Society makes me sick the way it poisons woman. But I also know the problem isn’t all society’s fault! A lot of the problem is also daughters with no daddies!
No daddy to tell her she’s beautiful and worth so much more than showing skin just to prove that she is pretty.
No daddy to show her how a REAL man should treat and care for her!
No daddy to remind her that The God who created her knew what He was doing that day when He skillfully and wonderfully crafted her. And that she truly is His masterpiece.

So Now when I see a girl young or old with very little clothes on, or tight revealing clothes.. or simply just trying too hard to be noticed.. (wherever it may be).
I also happen to see that little invisible “sign”on her forehead that reads:

“I just want to be pretty”.

And I don’t look with judgemental eyes, or with an “holier than thou” attitude…NOT AT ALL! I watch with compassion, with sympathy, and yes sadness.

I know now….. that once was me.


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Say What?! (Quotes that might leave you speechless) *Pt.2*


“Laying in his bed, pretending he’s your husband. Thinking a sex bond will keep you together. Congratulations you’re a pretend wife”.

“Don’t have sex with a woman you wouldn’t want your son to marry.”
(Live by example…and show your son a Real Man keeps it “put away”till his wedding night.)

“A woman who disdains womanhood trains men to be scum & makes it harder for the good girls to get a guy.”

“You Can’t FORCE a person to show you RESPECT, But you can REFUSE to be DISRESPECTED”.

“Always hold the door open for a lady. Not because she’s a lady, But because you’re a gentleman”.

“Don’t fall in love with someone who says the right things, fall in love with someone who does the right things”.

“Someone who is worthy of your love will never put you in a situation where you feel you must sacrifice your dignity, your integrity, or your self-worth to be with them”.


“Be a woman of self-respect. Find a man who will swim through shark-infested waters to bring you a lemonade, not just a hump partner“!

“If you consider yourself a prize that a guy would be lucky(blessed) to have, you won’t choose or tolerate bad men.”

Men don’t value women they don’t have to work hard for”!

If you’re a side chick & you get with that man just remember that side chick position is now open again.

“When a guy wants to shack up, he is blatantly expressing his lack of desire to cherish & honor. He wants one foot out the door.”

If you wonder where all the gentlemen are, they left when all the ladies did.”

“Men don’t respect things they don’t have to earn.”

Don’t date a guy who can’t provide & protect. There’s no point because he won’t be a man.”

“Girls give sex to get love. Boys pretend love to get sex”.

“Ladies, You were created for one man. Don’t give out test drives. No ring? No keys.”

Find Someone Who wants to make you a wife….. And not a baby momma.


Remember Ladies…. you were created for something more…. so much more.
And I promise you will not find it in anything else but IN the One who created you for a worthy cause.

Job 10:8-
Your hands have made me and fashioned me..

Let the One who actually made you and fashioned your very own body hold you today. No matter the choices, no matter the mistakes, no matter the scars..He hears your crys and sees your tears and He is the God of Second, third, fourth…. chances!

He can make you whole again.
He can make you clean again.
Because He wants to.

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord ,
“Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.
~Isaiah 1:18

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Women-Fight for them..or use them?

When we decided that a woman was not a worthy thing to fight for, we began using them.

And if you could hear a woman’s hearts cry..I think it would sound a little or maybe a lot like this: …..

“I don’t want to be used, I want to be loved…oh so loved”.

“Am I beautiful enough, good enough?.. To be fought for, to be waited for, to be treated right?!”

“I’m tired of having to give myself away just to feel love…that at the end isn’t even real”.

“I’m lonely.”
-“I’m ugly.”
-“I’m not enough.”
-“I’m all used up.”
-“Love doesn’t exist.?”

“Is there something more? “


I believe every woman’s, every girls heart crys out many things.
Sometimes…if I look deep into her eyes I think I can even hear it.. if I look deeply enough. As I pass her by on my out of the mall.
As I see her getting her hair done at the salon.
As I wait at the stop light, and she sits in the car right beside me.
As I drive by while she walks home from school.
As she takes my order at the fast food place I’m at.
As I hand her my insurance card at the doctors office.

4 words:
Even if some women may laugh, sneer, or deny it. I believe we as women WANT to be cherished, loved, respected, adored, and yes fought for.
We are worthy. We need you.

Act like it!Give them something to fight for! How? Oh if you really want to know how.. please read more about that here. “Oh baby, give me some chivalry !!
And here–> “Do you feel worthy?”

Lots of women have screamed and yelled out “independence” and “I dont need no man”! But truly at the end it’s made them feel more alone, and bitter once they realize that even if they may “believe” they don’t, their children surely do!

God did in fact create Adam first.
God knew what He was doing. 🙂
Women…lets be ladies that show we are WORTHY!
Men…prove to us that you are REAL men by fighting for us…not using us!


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A Beautiful woman and a pig’s snout???

A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout. -Proverbs 11:22

Tell me….. Have you ever….:
Seen a beautiful girl?
A gorgeous woman?
Maybe even the “perfect model” kinda chic.?
Yes….. Right?
But now tell me…Have you ever seen those exact kind of “beautiful” people..just to realize that they are not everything they seem to be?

For example: A beautiful girl half-dressed..more like half naked.?
Her face is quite lovely but like this verse clearly says…. “A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout”.
The way I see it is…the gold sparkly ring may be beautiful, or even “perfect” BUT if it’s in the snout of a pig…hmm…I don’t think it’s as “perfect” as it seems and it no longer seems beautiful……not to mention I surely wouldn’t want to touch it!

Lets define the word discretion– the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense OR revealing PRIVATE information”!!

Whoa! I believe that last part explains A lot!..“or revealing private information.”


And no, somethings are NOT best left to the imagination…just don’t even go there, if you can help it.. because for some people imagining it too much over and over can lead to addictions or struggles and even temptation.
-(If your a Christian girl/woman maybe you can ask yourself right before you leave the house……. If Jesus (God) was my mirror and I looked into Him, you know turned around, to get a real good look at my outfit.
Would it be something you know you would not be or feel a little ashamed/awkward/or embarrassed at?)


Remember you are God’s princess. That makes you Royalty…Dress like it.♥ 🙂 –

There are just some things(parts) that are meant to be well….private. And maybe also for the bedroom. 😉

Let’s keep what belongs in a pig’s snout in there! And believe me a gold, precious, gorgeous, and beautiful ring DOES NOT belong in there!
In other words: In my opinion, A woman/girl that let’s it “all hang out” is not as beautiful, gorgeous, or perfect as she may think she is, sadly.

But I also know that having no shame or discretion WHAT-SO-EVER before someone leaves their room/house with what they *choose and decide* to wear out in public may have other ‘deep’ issues that might encourage them to dress that way…..(another post, for another time.) But for example: A book I read not too long about Insecurity stated that men found one of the major things that revealed insecurity in women was CLEAVAGE!
And that’s coming from men!


May we be beautiful/lovely women of ‘gold’ without all the stuff that could make us look “ecky, gooey, stinky, or gross” or whatever is in a pig’s snout.?

May we be women of valor.
Women of strength.
Women of discernment.

With Love,