She’s NOT what she’s wearing…she’s what’s IN her….

You know I believe a lot of times women are judged mostly by what they wear or not wear.

And I’ll be the first to admit I’ve probably done it and sadly I’m pretty sure I’ve also been the target.

And now believe me I know that their are times where my eyeballs may have wanted to fall out after seeing a girl walk by wearing next to nothing or something extremely bizarre and well…I think that’s just human reaction.

But what if….what if for like one day God allowed us to look past that (which at times can be hard) and see into every woman’s heart.


What would we see? What would you see? What would I see?

A brokenhearted soul that had believed in love once….so long ago. But after the molestation or rape she hated love and anything that even looked like it.

A beat up and bruised soul that had lived her life trying to make her husband happy only to be the subject of all his rage and anger night after night.

A lonely used up soul that continues to give herself away just trying and hoping to fill up that huge void in her heart that her daddy left when he walked out of her life for good.

Or maybe you would find a heart beating for all the wrong reasons.
For prestige.
For popularity.
For greed.
For revenge.
For success.

Or a heart possessed and poisoned but wanting and waiting to be free from

In the end we are all pretty much the same.
We all long for love and kindness.

What we wear does not necessarily always reflect or reveal what is in the deepest parts of our heart. Looks can be deceiving.

For example in some countries they take it to the extreme with forcing their women to cover up basically from head to toe. Believing that is what classifies them as modest and pure.


What about their hearts?!
Because what is inside someone’s heart is who they really are!

So a woman can be wearing a potato sack or a thick blanket to cover her whole body BUT that doesn’t make her any holier or pure if her heart is far from it.

OR vice versa a girl could be revealing her arms or shoulders or some of her neck or maybe even a swimsuit but her heart could most definitely possess purity, godliness, wholeness, righteousness and truth.

So like the title states:
She is not what she is wearing but she is what is in her ..HEART!

Now that doesn’t give me the excuse to dress like a prostitute or what I believe is immodest while declaring and proclaiming that hey it’s all good anyways since my heart is whole and doesn’t carry all that ‘bad’ stuff.
Yeah-Right… That right there shows pride and rebellion honey.
Which if you are not a self proclaimed Christian than knock yourself out.
But for us women that are living our lives to please our Saviour Jesus than we should go the extra mile of maintenancing (maintaining) our heart and being an example of modesty. 🙂

Yes, even when we don’t want to.

Because in the end it’s what is in our heart that will answer for us.

Jeremiah 17:10-
I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve”.

Proverbs 4:23-
Above all else, guard your heart; for out of it flows the issues of life.

But now don’t feel condemned because remember
If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and He knows everything. -1 John 3:20

Our hearts are deceitful little things but if you have surrendered it over to Jesus Who formed your heart in the beginning than He will speak to you and help you keep it maintained be sure of that.

So pray for people’s hearts.
Perhaps too many times we pray about their actions. Oh God, please help them stop doing that or saying that…..But what comes out of a person is what is in a man.
So believe God to change their heart. And believe God to change yours.

Something I believe God showed me recently is unless a man’s heart and spirit changes than they will stay in the same boat.

Personally my heart is disgusted and saddened with sex-trafficking and pornography especially child pornography. And I would pray about it but I don’t remember ever praying that God would change the hearts and spirits of the people involved. Well since being shown this I have started praying specifically that God would change the heart and spirit of those on top (meaning the top dogs, the ones with a lot of power) in these horrendous crimes.
Because than and only then will life’s be transformed for eternity.

So let’s not make the mistake of letting what she’s wearing decide for us who she really is. And hey even if by chance it is than may our heart become saddened and choose to pray either than puffed up in a holier than thou attitude.


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They just want to be pretty


I seen her …
Okay, yes I admit .. I kinda watched her.
And my heart saddened.
Because it was almost like she had a huge sign attached to her forehead that read:
“I just want to be pretty”.
“I just want to be called “beautiful”,

The part that saddened me was:
She was trying too hard.
And the really really sad part was:
She didn’t even know it.

The woman I seen this particular day was an older aged woman maybe somewhere in her fourties. Maybe a mother, maybe even a grandmother.. And as she sat there in her really short, tight and revealing dress, it was like I could almost hear a cry or maybe it was just the look on her face? But she wanted, No,she NEEDED to feel pretty.
Which isn’t a “baaaad” thing entirely.

Because most women want and need to feel beautiful.
And when we don’t … it can truly “mess” with us. Sadly.
Every woman deeply and sincerely longs to be:
Beautiful ! And Wanted!
And we absolutely NEED:

That’s why I believe one reason why girls/woman become strippers, porn stars etc because it is guaranteed attention!

When I was 15…. my “dream job” was to become a stripper.
Why???!!! What was I thinking?!
Was I stupid or something?! Seriously?
No, I was just a young girl that wanted..No, that needed attention.
Yes, I guess I believed attention -equaled- love.
What a lie.

It breaks my heart that girls try so hard to be noticed. But like I said earlier the really sad part is.. they don’t even know it.
Society makes me sick the way it poisons woman. But I also know the problem isn’t all society’s fault! A lot of the problem is also daughters with no daddies!
No daddy to tell her she’s beautiful and worth so much more than showing skin just to prove that she is pretty.
No daddy to show her how a REAL man should treat and care for her!
No daddy to remind her that The God who created her knew what He was doing that day when He skillfully and wonderfully crafted her. And that she truly is His masterpiece.

So Now when I see a girl young or old with very little clothes on, or tight revealing clothes.. or simply just trying too hard to be noticed.. (wherever it may be).
I also happen to see that little invisible “sign”on her forehead that reads:

“I just want to be pretty”.

And I don’t look with judgemental eyes, or with an “holier than thou” attitude…NOT AT ALL! I watch with compassion, with sympathy, and yes sadness.

I know now….. that once was me.


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A Beautiful woman and a pig’s snout???

A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout. -Proverbs 11:22

Tell me….. Have you ever….:
Seen a beautiful girl?
A gorgeous woman?
Maybe even the “perfect model” kinda chic.?
Yes….. Right?
But now tell me…Have you ever seen those exact kind of “beautiful” people..just to realize that they are not everything they seem to be?

For example: A beautiful girl half-dressed..more like half naked.?
Her face is quite lovely but like this verse clearly says…. “A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout”.
The way I see it is…the gold sparkly ring may be beautiful, or even “perfect” BUT if it’s in the snout of a pig…hmm…I don’t think it’s as “perfect” as it seems and it no longer seems beautiful……not to mention I surely wouldn’t want to touch it!

Lets define the word discretion– the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense OR revealing PRIVATE information”!!

Whoa! I believe that last part explains A lot!..“or revealing private information.”


And no, somethings are NOT best left to the imagination…just don’t even go there, if you can help it.. because for some people imagining it too much over and over can lead to addictions or struggles and even temptation.
-(If your a Christian girl/woman maybe you can ask yourself right before you leave the house……. If Jesus (God) was my mirror and I looked into Him, you know turned around, to get a real good look at my outfit.
Would it be something you know you would not be or feel a little ashamed/awkward/or embarrassed at?)


Remember you are God’s princess. That makes you Royalty…Dress like it.♥ 🙂 –

There are just some things(parts) that are meant to be well….private. And maybe also for the bedroom. 😉

Let’s keep what belongs in a pig’s snout in there! And believe me a gold, precious, gorgeous, and beautiful ring DOES NOT belong in there!
In other words: In my opinion, A woman/girl that let’s it “all hang out” is not as beautiful, gorgeous, or perfect as she may think she is, sadly.

But I also know that having no shame or discretion WHAT-SO-EVER before someone leaves their room/house with what they *choose and decide* to wear out in public may have other ‘deep’ issues that might encourage them to dress that way…..(another post, for another time.) But for example: A book I read not too long about Insecurity stated that men found one of the major things that revealed insecurity in women was CLEAVAGE!
And that’s coming from men!


May we be beautiful/lovely women of ‘gold’ without all the stuff that could make us look “ecky, gooey, stinky, or gross” or whatever is in a pig’s snout.?

May we be women of valor.
Women of strength.
Women of discernment.

With Love,