Freedom to choose your man and be a lady while doing it

Yesterday was Independence Day in the beautiful U.S.A. Land of the free. Because of the BRAVE!

That means we have many many privileges and rights that many other countries do not.


I am forever thankful that God allowed me to be born here.
I may not have had the best childhood but I did partake and enjoy of the many privileges of this great land.

BUT as I look around…it saddens me because I watch so many people especially women (because that is who I mostly write to and about here) who throw their freedom around like a wet dog.

What freedom am I talking about?
( (Clears throat ) )
The freedom to choose who they ALLOW to have them. To touch them. To kiss them. To hold their hand. To marry and live with. And yes to be intimate with!


So if we have that privilege why do so many choose to sleep with dogs?
And my meaning of a “dog” would be: but not limited to:
A whoremonger-
a person who has dealings with prostitutes, *especially a sexually promiscuous man*.

Pretty much the opposite of a whore. So pretty much a man-whore.

Now I’m not here to judge anybody.
If that’s who you are and that’s what you willingly choose than of course that is on you. BUT I know there are girls/women out there that wholeheartedly DO NOT
want to choose that kind of man to share their hearts with much less their bodies!!

So guess what girls!?
YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!! You have the right, the privilege, the freedom to CHOOSE…
To say NO to that boy that wants to put his dirty paws all over you!

To say YES to modesty, even though so so many girls are walking around revealing what was only meant for their husband’s.

To say YES to respect, to virtue, to true love, to dating WITHOUT sex. You know (and this is a shocker) real dating. Such as going to dinner, talking over the phone, shopping together, laughing together WITHOUT SEX or being all over each other!
That still exists you know.

You have the freedom to save yourself till marriage!
You have the freedom to request that the man you choose to date open the car door for you. Buy you flowers, in other words “WOO you”

Back in the day, love relationships were easier because they were well defined. There was courtship instead of dating. Men wooed women. Now men and women hang out and hook up. Many people have sex thinking it’s the beginning of a relationship rather than having a relationship first and then expressing their love and commitment through sex.
– See more at:

You get to choose whether or not you want to date or be courted. If you’re consistently let down and feel unfulfilled in your experiences with potential partners, try letting a man woo you instead of date you. (This could mean) letting him open doors for you, plan dates, pay for your meals (you can still offer), keep his word, give you flowers, etc. It means treating him with respect and trust – (And allow him to treat you likewise).
See more at:

You can also check out this article I found here that could help with the wooing. 😉 Getting a man to woo you.

But believe me I didn’t grow up knowing that men were made to cherish us, truly love and care for us. Crazy but I didn’t know that!

And I believe so many girls in this pornified generation don’t really know that or believe that.
We have sex to become close when in reality sex is a privilege that God created for inside of marriage.
If he’s not even close to what you would want your son to become than why give him something so precious and worthy as your heart and body?
Don’t settle for way less than you deserve.

Some may ask… But why marriage? Why do I have to wait till marriage?
Well simply put did God create marriage or not?
Because if He did than He undoubtedly knows better. Right?

The time before marriage is the stage to realize if this is the man you want to share the rest of your life with. So once married you both can share and bask in the privilege of intimacy. With No fear. Or doubt.


Come on use your freedom for what it’s worth!
You can leave the sex part as a privilege for your future husband to gain. Not something for him to have already possess.
And if when courting you come to find that he IS NOT what you would want your son to be or absolutely NOT someone you would love for your daughter to one day marry than you will be able to cut him off faster and easier if there was no sexual intimacy going on.

Read this book and you’ll understand.: “HOOKED”.
You can find it here!

So women use your independence, YOUR FREEDOM to let go of all those guys that only want to use you, and disrespect you. You do have the power.
A real man is wired to rise up to the level he needs to and has to to survive. But why should they if they don’t have to or need to.
They can get free sex, they can shack up with any girl and receive wife benefits.
They can watch pornography anytime and almost everywhere for easy and fast but not truly satisfying “quickies”.

Ex-porn producer reveals Myths of pornography

Yes, there’s a lot of things we women cannot help when it comes to making men rise up.
BUT there is a lot we CAN DO.

You check out a few of these other posts from me and see if in there you can search out something you can contribute.
A beautiful woman and a pigs snout.

Oh baby give me some chivalry.


My prayer is that women would use the power and freedom they have to (without words) call men (with their actions) to rise up and become knights with shining armor.

And for all the women out there that maybe have given up on love.
After being hurt over and over again. Indulge and immerse your soul in The Man that first created your heart. There and only then will you know what to expect from a real man.

And for all the men out there that have risen up to the challenge of becoming a gentleman by realizing that women half dressed are really someone’s daughters. By choosing to respect women even if they choose to not respect themselves. By protecting their virtue.

And don’t forget to thank God everyday for this wonderful privilege we call freedom.


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11 years?! Who lasts that long anymore!

11 years ago you waited for me.
11 years ago you told me you loved me.
11 years ago you kissed me for the very first time!
11 years ago you married me.

image [May 2003]

So much has happened since than!
We had a son.
We had a daughter.
And we have had many many trials.
Many fights.
Many sorrows.
But much love. Oh so much love.
Much happiness.
And much fun.

We stuck together when we lost those three precious babies that we will see one day.
We stuck together when your dear mom passed away. Oh that was a  super hard time for you.
We stuck together when some awful things happened and we didn’t think we’d stay together. 

11 years.
Why doesn’t it seem that long at all?

Your the one that taught me that not all men are liars.
Your the one that taught me what a good man is.
Through you I learned what love must really feel like.

The times when we were first married and you would come home from work and we would just hug and hug.
The times you put up with me when I was or should I say am grouchy and mean.
All those times you made and continue to make me feel so beautiful and worthy.

Thank you for waiting for me .
Thank you for respecting me.
Thank you for respecting God.
Thank you for the example you give to our son.
Thank you for being a reflection of Jesus. To our daughter. To our church. To my family.

And I know my dad doesn’t share his feelings. But if he did. I know he would say “Thank you for taking care of my daughter. Thank you for making her happy. You are a good man. And a great son in law.” (His only son-in-law) 😉

11 years.
How did we do it?
Well, I think we both know the answer to that question.
The One that brought us together… is the only One that has kept us together!

So here’s to another 50+ years Alex!!

The love triangle:


Remember the closer we get to Him.
The closer we get to each other.

So glad I get to be your wife.
Your one and only source of romance.

[May 2014]

First kiss

He turned to me.
I looked at him…shyly.
Than he said, “Come on”.
And I did.


Okay. Wow. The other day I was reading MY NO SEX CHALLENGE STORY and couldn’t believe I actually forgot to add one important detail! :O ……
♡ THE KISS! ♡ 😀

Yes! Soooo thought I’d just write a post about it! 🙂
I met my prince charming (my husband) when I was about 16/17 yrs old. I can’t say I was looking for a ‘man’ or a boyfriend when we met. Because I really wasn’t! But long story short…we met. Talked. Laughed. Hung out with friends. Talked on the phone. Talked at church..and well eventually married.
So pretty much almost like any other dating relationship.


So what’s the little detail I left out??
Oh yeah, the kiss!

Okay, here goes. Ready?
Say what??!!…
Yes, you read right….
We CHOSE not to kiss until our wedding day!

~My husband’s and I first kiss together was right after our pastor said, “You may kiss the bride”.
And that is when my husband turned to me and yes he did actually say to me, “Come on”. LOL!

Oh Yes, I can still remember that kiss!
Yes, we really, seriously, like for reals did not kiss once until after our pastor married us! (before lots of family & friends!)

So every year when we celebrate our marriage anniversary…it is also our First Kiss Anniversary TOO! 🙂 ♡
So not only did we both choose to save sex(love-making) ’till marriage…..we also saved our first kiss ’till he placed that wedding ring on my finger!!


*Please know I do not say this to sound better or “holier than thou” in any way.
*But I share it to say that IT CAN BE DONE!

Of course not on your own strength!
But with God….ALL things are possible!

If you would’ve told me when I was a crazy 15 yr. old girl that I was going to WAIT ’till marriage to KISS my ‘man’….I probably WOULD NOT have believed you!!

And I know some may not understand, and I know some may have questions, so if you do feel free to ask me. 🙂
Because I know in the world we live in now….a world where saving yourself much less saving your first kiss for marriage is looked down upon, is laughed at, and can be thought of as being prude and boring, my story may sound UNusual but in reality I know many that are choosing to wait. AND BELIEVE ME ONCE YOU MARRY……well let me just put it this way…. I believe The honeymoon stage can last a little bit longer since “*everything*” is fresh and new. 😉

I know some may not agree but…..

Remember God’s plans are always better than what our own minds could ever even conjure up!

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.
~Psalms 32:8

Allow God to guide you.
He created intimacy in the first place……so maybe, just maybe….He KNOWS what He’s talking about.

To start your own No Sex Challenge you can read more here!

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