14 yrs ago I said bye forever! No turning back

14 years ago I said bye to boys breaking my heart.
14 yrs ago I turned my back to all the lies I had fell for.
14 yrs ago I kicked the devil in the face when God demolished the devils plans and brutal, violent, merciless path he had for me all along.
Because 14 yrs ago I stood up firmly and became a daughter of the King.

I had to write a little something about the most amazing, miraculous experience that has happened to me.

If you are an active reader to my blog you already know what God saved me from. ( If not please check out some of my other posts)!
So I won’t get into too much of that.
But I will say that no one and I mean NO ONE could ever cause me to deny what happened that night 14 years ago.

Today I was entranced with the fact that it was exactly 14 years ago that I was rescued from a soon to be wicked and vulgar lifestyle.

I actually attended church service tonight. The same church where I was invited that same week I cried out to God.
I felt extremely humbled. Here I was 14 years prior a foolish young teenager with grossly immoral plans for her life when God decides to intervene.

What makes this day much more powerful now then let’s say years before is because now I truly know where I would be and how I would be living(if even still alive) if not for that transforming holy night!

You see I was like your ordinary teen girl. Loving boy’s attention. And trying to get it anyway I could.
And the heartbreaking thing was.. I was actually on my way to doing everything to get that attention.

Let me say that there are NO words that could’ve described my heart today.
To know where I should be compared to where I am now blows me completely away.

Wholeheartedly I believe I would most probably be dead by now.
Like my other posts reveal. The shame and regret eating at my heart would’ve led me to take my very own life.

So this post was just a thank you and reflection of the 14 years of soundness and wholeness I have truly experienced.

14 years ago I experienced my heart being put together.
Little by little.
But miraculously nonetheless!

14 years ago I finally let go of a lifestyle that would’ve without question led me to a real hell.



A Beautiful woman and a pig’s snout???

A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout. -Proverbs 11:22

Tell me….. Have you ever….:
Seen a beautiful girl?
A gorgeous woman?
Maybe even the “perfect model” kinda chic.?
Yes….. Right?
But now tell me…Have you ever seen those exact kind of “beautiful” people..just to realize that they are not everything they seem to be?

For example: A beautiful girl half-dressed..more like half naked.?
Her face is quite lovely but like this verse clearly says…. “A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout”.
The way I see it is…the gold sparkly ring may be beautiful, or even “perfect” BUT if it’s in the snout of a pig…hmm…I don’t think it’s as “perfect” as it seems and it no longer seems beautiful……not to mention I surely wouldn’t want to touch it!

Lets define the word discretion– the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense OR revealing PRIVATE information”!!

Whoa! I believe that last part explains A lot!..“or revealing private information.”


And no, somethings are NOT best left to the imagination…just don’t even go there, if you can help it.. because for some people imagining it too much over and over can lead to addictions or struggles and even temptation.
-(If your a Christian girl/woman maybe you can ask yourself right before you leave the house……. If Jesus (God) was my mirror and I looked into Him, you know turned around, to get a real good look at my outfit.
Would it be something you know you would not be or feel a little ashamed/awkward/or embarrassed at?)


Remember you are God’s princess. That makes you Royalty…Dress like it.♥ 🙂 –

There are just some things(parts) that are meant to be well….private. And maybe also for the bedroom. 😉

Let’s keep what belongs in a pig’s snout in there! And believe me a gold, precious, gorgeous, and beautiful ring DOES NOT belong in there!
In other words: In my opinion, A woman/girl that let’s it “all hang out” is not as beautiful, gorgeous, or perfect as she may think she is, sadly.

But I also know that having no shame or discretion WHAT-SO-EVER before someone leaves their room/house with what they *choose and decide* to wear out in public may have other ‘deep’ issues that might encourage them to dress that way…..(another post, for another time.) But for example: A book I read not too long about Insecurity stated that men found one of the major things that revealed insecurity in women was CLEAVAGE!
And that’s coming from men!


May we be beautiful/lovely women of ‘gold’ without all the stuff that could make us look “ecky, gooey, stinky, or gross” or whatever is in a pig’s snout.?

May we be women of valor.
Women of strength.
Women of discernment.

With Love,