Wasn’t it just yesterday I was a young, dumb teenager??

Well guys….This is it.


My 30 year birthday is only a week and a half away! How did I get here so quick?

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was a young, dumb, confused, and very lonely teenage girl?

So… as I begin to say good-bye to my twenties I dedicate this post to my soon to be 30 years of LIFE.

I know some might judge me as being old. While others may judge me as still being a “baby”.

But either way one thing I know for darn sure is I have entered a wise stage of life and I want to share some of that.

Here are some things I have learned. . . For life sure has a way of teaching you many things willingly AND unwillingly in 30 years. Right?

1. That even after devastating betrayal your heart is able to forgive. Able to keep beating. And still able to go on.

2. That a lot of stuff you think matters really doesn’t matter at all. Such as the car you drive, the house you live in or what brand of clothes you may be wearing. It just doesn’t matter. We came into this world naked and we will all leave this world not taking one single material thing with us!

3. If God is all you have you already have everything you’ll ever need. (I learned this and number 2 above more deeply last month on a mission trip to Mexico). God gives and God takes away. But if your heart is set and aligned in God than it doesn’t matter what may come or what doesn’t come. Better yet it won’t matter what you own or not. I met beautiful people on our trip last month that did not own much but their faces were radiant with joy and peace. I can not even express the love they bestowed upon me and many didn’t even know me. And I believe it was all because they held the secret many Americans are so desperately looking for. They had God and that was enough!

4. If someone doesn’t like you. IT’S OK!
Now hear me out I’m not talking about treating people with no respect and kindness or in a blatantly rude or cruel manner all the while not understanding why they prefer to stay away from you.
There is a line. What I am saying is I know what it is to love on people and be there for them and all you get in return is their ugliness, hatefullness, and stabs in the back. I know you might not believe this but there are some callous people out there!! Yes even in the “Christian” world. 😦 So when you can honestly say you’ve loved them like Jesus. And they still don’t like you. IT’S O-K-A-Y! “Religious” people known as the Pharisees in the Bible hated Jesus. Come on who could hate Jesus? He healed the sick, brought the dead back to life, loved the worse of the worse and even took time to love on children. Really? Yup, they still couldn’t stand Him. So when you come across some “Pharisees” in your life, in your church, or wherever. Remember you can’t make someone like you, you can’t make someone love you, BUT you can always forgive them and pray for them.

5. Simple is beautiful. (Now this something that I am actually in the process of learning). You see from an early age I wore makeup and lots of it. Pretty much it was my identity. Without it I was a nobody. I was ugly. And honestly I still think like that at times. But here recently God began showing me something that in reality I didn’t want to see. He started dealing with my heart. He started trying to let me know that HE is my identity.
When we lose ourselves in wordly matters we lose something that God so lovingly wants us to never forget. That our value comes from Him. And only Him.
Do you know that a prostitute or homeless person on the street is just as valuable and important to God as the pastor or missionary that helps brings souls to Christ? Yes.
God wanted me to understand that He sees me full of worth and beauty no matter how I may look to others.

That’s one reason I truly believe many girls walk around half dressed or why sadly many give themselves away far too easily to boy/man after boy/man, night after night. They are just trying and searching for their self-worth. They just want to feel special. Beautiful. valuable.
So they give their self-respect and body away even if it’s just for 10 minutes of pleasure.

Your value DOES NOT come from what others see when they look at you!
Your identity is in God. Because He made you. He created you!
It may sound too simple I know. It can be hard to really believe that in this world we live in. But it’s the flat out TRUTH.

It’s something that I am still learning. But it is something that I never want to forget. Especially since it took me practically 30 years to learn!

So guys it may look like I haven’t learned much. But I promise I have. There’s so much more I’ve learned and also so much I want to forget in 30 years.

We all grow up and grow old but we all have a choice to not grow cold.


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I hate you… (A letter to porn)

I hate you.

I hate what you stand for.
I hate what you do to them.

I hate what you did to him.

I cry at times.
You see, you transform something in the mind.

Its hard to explain.
(But if you have endured a battle with pornography OR know someone who has you know exactly what I mean).
It’s like their mind has been taken hostage.

 I know the pain you cause.

But know that I am NOT blaming the individuals you use for your sick pleasures.

I believe they too are in bondage.

 You suffocate souls.

All that is left of them are weak, pitiful, sorrowful corpses.

You see porn, I was a victim of your gross game. You helped rip out my heart out of my chest and slice it in a million pieces. I’ll never forget that day.

The day I found out my husband had succumbed to your hellish pit.

Your mockery and laughter I’m sure rang in the background as my heart shriveled, my mind became foggy and time seemed to slow down.

I hate you porn.

Yes, I know. I know. He willingly gave in. He CHOSE to buy into his passion and desires all those moments.

But I doubt IF he had truly understood what was happening. What he was giving himself over to. And the trials that would now lay ahead of him he would never had tasted of your corrosion.

But he did. But he chose to see you for what you really are. And he walked away from your dungeon.

Yes, there is an escape. Even though you tell them there isn’t. THERE IS!

God rescued him. And I loved him.

Yes, I did the unbelievable.

I forgave.

But I hate you porn. Because I know who you really are.

I can see through your fabrication. And now he sees it too. Actually so many do.

I hate you for the way you messed up his mind. But I’m praying.

I still hurt. My heart still bleeds sometimes. I still wonder at times if I’m “good enough”.

Your lies at times fill my mind. Your so good at that.

Slowly my heart is being repaired. The memories and pain can be extremely excruciating when they flood over me.

But I know The Healer that makes all things new.

But I won’t try to downplay how evil you are.

Remember one thing porn. I’m coming after you. Not physically. Because I know that is not how you are fought. Many try that but only continue to suffer.

I’m coming after you with prayer.

For you are an invisible enemy. That prowls after spiritually weak men. And once you have them in your grasp…


The whole while they truly believe they are real men while you visiously take their strength and watch as they succumb to nothingness.

But you have one less man in your cell. One more man that KNOWS who you really are.

I pray more men will realize there is a way out. There is hope.

But it is not fought in a physical battle. It is way much more then that.

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

That is exactly what you are. A thief.

You steal, kill, and enjoy destroying families, MARRIAGES, souls.

SO yes, I hate you. But because of you I have learned the true meaning of forgiveness.

I have felt what it is to shower someone that does not deserve it with true love and mercy. And it is then that Jesus’ horrible death becomes more understandable. We did not deserve His love but He Still willingly gave Himself to die for us. He willingly loves us at our worst.

Because of you I know how it feels to have God carry me and lift me up while my feet scrape the ground.

And I promise that alone is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

As the old saying goes “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages”.

So thank you.

Because of you I learned how strong my God really is.

And He said to me,

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 

(II Corinthians 12:9)





I probably would’ve put a gun to my head


This morning I prayed. And as I sat there on my living room floor I pondered. ….

If you have read some of my other postings you know that God saved me as a young teen girl. I may have been just a young teenager but this young girl already had many plans for her life. Destructive plans. Plans that I now look back and shudder at the thought of what would have become of me if my plans would’ve come to pass. And a question I have thought to myself and asked many times is: Why did God save me before I was totally immersed in the lifestyle I had thought I wanted.So as I sat there musing and talking openly to God. It hit me. Well, it was just a thought but it was almost as if I could feel the truth in it.

I don’t think I would’ve made it out alive.

I sincerely believe I PROBABLY WOULD’VE PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD and pulled the trigger.

I told God all this with tears.

I said God you saved me before perhaps because YOU knew I wouldn’t have made it out alive.

He had so much mercy on me that He called out to me that night as a lonely teenager.

But even though He called. It doesn’t mean I had to have listened.

I could have walked away from Him.

I could have ignored Him.

I could have yelled out to Him in anger instead. Cursing Him for allowing me to go through all that I had gone through up to that point.

But I didn’t.

Oh Thank God I didn’t!

And believe me when I say I don’t think I would’ve put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger simply because “I’m weak”. Or because I just “couldn’t have handled it”. No. I mean yes. Maybe I would’ve been weak. Maybe I would have got to that point where I just couldn’t have handled it anymore. But I believe the real reason I would have pulled that trigger is because of all the SHAME, all the REGRET, and hopelessness I KNOW I would have experienced and felt!

I know I probably would have looked back at my life and wondered where in the world did I go wrong? I know I would have remembered all the times as a little girl that I would run to the back of the shed in my backyard to read my Bible. I know I would have remembered the times I went to church as a young girl and KNEW deep inside that was what life was all about. Worshiping my Creator. I would’ve looked back and remember listening to my mom say her prayers. And as I pulled the trigger I would’ve believed with all my heart that I deserved every ounce of shame.

I would’ve died an empty soul.

Callous, hard, and numb.

But deep inside just truly sad, desperate for real love, and fighting demons that had been assigned to me since childhood.

So I sat there thankful, and in awe of God’s mercy and grace. I cried tears of joy and appreciation that I would never know that day. The day I probably would’ve pulled the trigger.

Thank You Father for saving me. For rescuing me. You seen what could’ve been and you chose to reach out to me that night. You made yourself so real.

I pray You also make Yourself real to all those that are crying out to You today.


If God is calling out to you today…please don’t ignore Him. Please don’t push Him away.

You never know what he may be trying to save you from.

Lots Of Love,


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Dear you, 15 year old younger me…

DO you know you are not only beautiful but captivating.

Do you know that God really and truly has plans for you. For your life.

Do you know that God seen and knew you even while you were inside your mothers womb.

Do you know He was there that amazing moment you entered into this world.

Those times you felt alone, sad, depressed … Yes… He was there also.

I know it felt like no one cared. But I promise He did. He does.

Those times you felt so REJECTED. His love poured out for you.Your heart beat to know Him.

When others rejected you. When others thought they were too good for you. When others believed you were worthless. He watched you with eyes of fire. A fire of love.

When you really thought that boy loved you. So you ended up giving yourself to him. Mind and Body. He watched with sorrow and sadness. Because He knew the truth. He always does.

But His love remained.

He caught every tear that fell from your eyes when you finally realized that it was never love. Only lust.

I’m sure He whispered that He loved you and that He was madly in love with you when you laid at night on your bed, heartbroken.

He saved you from so much pain even though it may not have felt like it.

And He came running that night. The night you cried out on your knees. It was what He had been waiting for all along. For your heart. For your devotion. For your love.

He picked you up. Washed all your stains and pain away. Healed your heart. Wrapped His arms around you. And whispered again how much He had always loved you.

And then your life began………

Love, your twenty-something self.

Sick and Tired of Rejection they become Strippers

What drives a girl to become a stripper.
To become so lost and deprived of any true love but still willing to endure the hell involved.

What really makes a woman want to degrade herself by sharing(selling) her body with(to) the world.
To go to bed at night with tears rolling down her cheeks knowing it’s not worth it. But waking up in the morning continuing the vicious cycle.


I look back now and see my little heart as a small girl. Rejection was written all over it.


Not only was I rejected by the first man in my life. My dad. I was then later rejected by boys.
I was stinkin’ tired of rejection!
Tired of offering my heart over and over again. And in return receiving pain, lies, and simply being ignored.

Somewhere in my sick mind I knew I could lose rejection once and for all! Finally.
I knew I wanted to pack my bags and be done with my enemy ..rejection.
My bags contained all I needed to endure this new life I thought I wanted.
My “luggage” would be packed with…
Bitterness and Hatred

And only God knows what else.

My anger, bitterness, and hatred towards my father and men in general would be my fuel that would drive me indeed.

Well, it would’ve driven me but my little journey never began.
Because you see at the age of 16. That lonely girl found herself alone in a room, crying out. Yes. She had already packed her bags nice and full. But at the end all the pain. All the hurt. All the lies and anger would not be enough to hold her back from running to The Saviour!

Could there really be a Man that wouldn’t reject her?? She didn’t know but she had to take the chance.
She unpacked her heavy bags. And she cried. Because for once in her life she could finally just be herself and no longer fear rejection. It was as if He wiped away her tears and cradled her broken heart.

She waved bye to those demons and the devil himself that had been waiting outside the door for her. The path that had been paved just for her vanished. And a new one appeared almost instantly.

How can it be that the Creator of the universe cares for me.

I’m forgiven because You were forsaken
I’m accepted. You were condemned
I’m alive and well- Your spirt is within me- because You died and You rose again.

You see I realize now that Jesus was rejected FOR US. For me.
I had been rejected countless times. But when I ran into His open arms that night He recieved me.

All that past rejection would’ve definitely caused me to become someone I really wouldn’t have wanted to be. To do things I wouldn’t have really wanted to do.
13 years later scary to think where I would be.

It’s time.
Time to UNpack your bags. Let it go. And run into the arms of your Saviour.
I promise He will welcome you.
Of course He will. Remember He was rejected so you wouldn’t have to be.

Lots of Love,

From rejection to finally being accepted.

Porn Porn Everywhere

It’s everywhere!
But that’s only part of the problem


The biggest issue is that it is going into our minds. Seeping in. Making it’s home in our very own hearts!

This is scary people.

It is what a lot of young boys are growing up on.
Kids hearts and minds are innocent, tender, trusting and need to be safeguarded from the negative influences of increasingly violent and sexualized media!


Pornography teaches sex without love, intimacy, tender touch, responsibility, and commitment.”!!

Pornography is more then a small sexual “secret”. Believe me I’ve read enough, I’ve seen enough and I have felt enough to KNOW it is an extremely wicked problem!

It may have started as a “fun” guilty pleasure but it has now (thanks to the internet) grown into a massive and festering addiction.

Pornography should be banned as SUPER-ADDICTIVE and DANGEROUS drug/behaviour much like Heroin, Crack, Crystal Meth!:

The research is there.
The findings are true.
Porn is as addictive as drugs!
Addicts crave it. Not because they necessarily like it.
Chances are they don’t even want to give in and watch it. But the cravings are there and they only continue to get BIGGER every time the addict gives in and bites!

It really is a very sad epidemic.
If you dont consider yourself a porn/sex addict then you might deny these facts.
You might only consider yourself “a moderate user”. But as any drug addict will testify. The cravings will grow undoubtedly.

And with porn there is NO EXCEPTION!
Just ask the man that can tell you that it all began when he just started with “normal” porn videos and/or images. But eventually his body needed more. His “fun” ended with an arrest of child pornography.
But you say that won’t happen to you. How can you be sure?
Are you willing to take that risk?

Is porn really that good that you would sacrifice everything for it?
Not only do you lose your purity and if you’re a man your manhood. But if that’s not enough your family, your wife, your children, and your respect is also all on the line!
So tell me is it truly worth it?

I’m sure the husband that has already lost it ALL would tell you it’s not!
I’m sure the wife that has felt the agony and excruciating heartbreak because of it would tell you it’s not!
And I’m sure the children that have been neglected and pushed to the side all because of their dad’s porn/sexual addiction/problem would cry out it’s not!

I pretty sure we all have heard the stories how an addiction started with a few beers. A couple cigarettes. A line of coke. No addict intended to become a full blown out addict.

No human being with a heart intends to neglect, abuse, push away, scar, or destroy the very ones they love and who love them.

Pornography leads to affairs. (Because it is an affair)!
Pornography can lead to rape. Pornography leads people into hellish fetishes that they would have never ever thought about in the first place without porn.


Pornography IS NOT NORMAL.
How can humans being degraded, abused and used be normal??

You watch that porn video and it starts off feeling good but believe me; not too far away there is a man or woman who is alone in his/her room pounding the floor, asking God to take away this vicious addiction! And he/she would tell you don’t do it! Don’t even begin with that one video! Don’t even think about it.

I as a parent would honestly advise my children to not even begin messing around with any drug.
So the same goes with porn.
It is a drug!
And I pray that one day it will be illegal and completely banned.
The repercussions are huge!

I am very positive that many reading could easily admit to falling into the trap of pornography.
I am very positive that many reading could admit that pronography did indeed lead them to do other things they truly did not even want to do.

Sex was NEVER meant to be dirty.
Sex is more then an act.
It’s something so deep.
Something so personal and private but not because it’s shameful. But because it’s meant to be between two people who sacrificially love each other with no doubt, no reserve.
And when you love somebody so sacrificially, & so immensely you do not want to share that personal and private bond with nobody!! No, not a picture, not a video, no peeking! That bond, that personal time… NO ONE should be able to sneak upon, to peek upon, or to watch it!

Sex is an intertwining of a husband and wife’s soul. They are one. And God, yes God looks upon that as good.

Your soul is costly woman.
You can not just give it away to any man. I mean you could but why? When your soul has so much more meaning and purpose! Your soul longs to be one with another soul. But you can in no way give yourself(your soul) away repeatedly to guy after guy with NO consequences.
You hurt yourself painfully more then you know when you do. It’s almost like you burn away at your own heart. Your heart over time becomes hardened and numb.

That is what I believe happens to all those precious girls in those porn videos. At the end they lose out.
Oh what many of them would give just to gain back their innocence.


And they have the porn/sex addict to thank for a lot of their pain.
For demand fuels the porn industry.
Kill the demand. Kill the porn industry.
Not that easy. I know. But it’s a start.

There may be a lot we can’t do.
But I know there is way more we CAN do! Even if it’s a small change.

So come on! Lets fight this demon!
I believe in you.


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Tell it like it is! (quotes)

I thought I’d add some more ‘straight up’ quotes…..since my other two quote posts have been very very popular!


Your self-respect is yours No one can take it from you. You alone can give it away if you choose.


It can get hard when your feeling lonely, alone, and maybe even a bit desperate. You tend to want to just lower your standards by: giving in to sex before marriage, giving in to that “homewrecker”(adultery).
Or simply allowing oneself to be used, abused, and disrespected!

Keep those standards up…No matter Who trys to lower them! At the end it’ll be extremely WORTH IT!


Straight up- A man will treat you like a destination when he chooses to put that ring on your finger! And he will want to treat you in that way if you have given him something to respect.
It’s in a man to respect, protect, and love.
It’s just that so many women have NOT given them anything worth respecting, protecting, and cherishing!
(No, I’m not saying it’s all the woman’s fault. But as a woman myself I can only speak for us.)
*And if your a woman wanting to know some ways to get a man to start respecting you, and protecting you please go check out some of my other posts.*



Don’t ever fall for the lie that you must lower your standards or dignity to appease someone!


You are God’s masterpiece.(Ephesians 2:10)
So No matter how many times you have fallen. You are No accident. You are here for a purpose! Don’t allow a man to treat you as if you are worthless! Remember Who created you. You are His daughter.










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Why buy the cow? If the milk is free?


“Why buy the cow……when the milk is FREE”?!…

I’m pretty sure many men have said this, thought this, figured this, laughed at this, AND have actually LIVED IT!

So what does it even mean.. Let me break it down:

Let’s just say someone gave you a pretty nice car, or maybe an ugly looking one but hey it runs and the best part? THEY GAVE IT TO YOU…FREE!! Yup, no charge. All yours. You can drive it whenever. Everyday. All day.

Now let me ask you……..

Would you pay for the car even if they gave it to you for..free?

Would you work to save up for the car? OF COURSE NOT! It’s already yours.

There’s NO need to work for it….since its already all yours.

Than Ladies why do you give yourself away for free and than expect a man to marry you.

Ladies, why do give it up after knowing him for a day? week? A month? Before marriage?

Than become upset when he no longer works to win your heart.
Why would he have to when the “milk” is free.

Ladies, why would you dress half-naked or with skin tight clothes than cry about it later when you find out all he really wanted from you was only what you were “advertising”?


God made women beautiful, delicate, sweet, valuable, worthy. It doesn’t matter if a “man” tells you otherwise. But we gotta keep ourselves expensive!! And by expensive I mean…..
No sex mister till you can PROVE that your a ONE WOMEN MAN! (And honestly for me that proof comes when he can put that ring on your finger and say ‘I DO’). And a good man will WANT to prove it to you more easily if:
(Now you may not agree BUT I speak with experience…)
No intimate touch….till your wedding night.
(For me that included: no kissing, no hugging, and of course no lovemaking..;)

Ladies can complain that most men are just dogs that want one thing but if women are giving it to them …practically for free or very very cheap then why would they want to buy the cow(marriage) or (faithful commitment), if the milk is FREE??

Now I salute all you men and Christan men that don’t allow yourselves to try the “milk” until you have paid for the whole thing….!!

Because that is where true love lies dear ladies and gentlemen…

Ladies: Allowing and declaring that men prove their love to you.

And no not by buying you a stuffed animal or a nice card. I’m talkin’ REAL, TRUE, UNFAILING LOVE! A trustworthy love.
A love that puts you before their own “needs” and lusts. A self-less love.
A love that wants to protect. Your virtue. Your body. Your HEART.
A LOVE that knows Who created it in the first place and realizes that they wouldn’t dare mess with something so fragile, so beautiful, and delicate!

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, Doesn’t have a swelled head, Doesn’t force itself on others, Isn’t always “me first,” Doesn’t fly off the handle, Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, Doesn’t revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.
-1 Corinthians 13 (MSG)

I’m so thankful that my husband and I both wanted to wait till our wedding night.
We both wanted to try it God’s way.
We both in the past had tried it “our” way(the world’s way).

Some could say having sex WITHOUT commitment can be fun BUT is it really fun when you wake up to find out he only wanted you for your FREE “milk”??
Or when you hear that he’s already went through 5 girls since dumping you?

See if you choose to save yourself till marriage(REALcommitment) yeah there’s a chance you still might get hurt.
And if you choose to save yourself your boyfriend might decide to leave.
But I just believe the risk is worth it.

I mean your risking it either way if you choose to just give out FREE “test drives” anyways.

Risk saying No when he’s calling you or smooching all over you.

Risk saying No by not putting yourself in situations where it might be tempting to say yes, and give in.

For me my relationship with God is pretty much the main conviction I had that sustained me.

I am now going on 12 years of marriage and one of the best parts of the whole thing is I am now able to share this victory with my son and daughter!

Now I know many hearts may have already given in but don’t lose hope. Get back up and the more you draw near to your Maker and Creator the easier it will become. Because you’ll realize that God doesn’t say ‘Wait’ because He’s a mean God just waiting to strike us.
But that He loves us too much to NOT warn us and protect us.

Your sexual desires were meant to attract and bind you to your spouse. So if your married use that power girl!

And if your single and it’s getting just too hard to wait hopefully reading these blunt quotes will help:
Click here !!!
AND CLICK HERE! For some encouragement.


Wanna lose your respect as a girl? Do this:

A Popular Way to Lose Your Respect as a Girl

I was at our local grocery store the other day in the checkout aisle when I saw her. I had never seen anything this disturbing in my grocery store before.

There she was, right in front of my eyes without a shirt on. I’m not exaggerating here. Thankfully she was wearing jeans…but she was shirtless!

I glanced back and forth to see if anybody standing around me was as shocked as I was.

Not a blink.

Nobody seemed to care a bit. Frustration began to well up inside of me. Why would a family friendly grocery store allow this shirtless woman to parade herself down the checkout aisle?! There are little children and unsuspecting fathers being exposed to her nakedness.

I finally made it out of the store and was shaken up to say the least.

“Where has our dignity gone as females?” I thought to myself.

As shocking as it was for me to see a topless woman in my grocery store, I am grateful for two things: 1. She was on a magazine cover and not there in person. 2. She was using her arm to partially cover her nakedness.

Every since that day I’ve been thinking more and more about the whole idea of “women’s respect.”
As 21st century girls, we verbally demand respect from the people around us and we get mad if we’re not valued as dignified human beings.


We want other people to treat us with such high respect, and yet, we don’t even respect ourselves.

Thanks to the sexual liberation movement, we are now taught that “girl power” is the freedom to show off all our skin. “We’re finally liberated from the bonds of modesty and free to sexually flaunt ourselves in any way we want!” Says our culture.

It used to be that Playboy and pornographic websites were looked upon with shame by women all across the world. It was considered a huge disgrace that girls were flaunting their bare bodies for men to lust after. Fast forward a few years and many of these companies have women filling their CEO position.

From famous celebrities down to the average girl on the street, Americans have almost completely lost the value and self-respect that modesty brings.

As Mary Kassian points out, “Nowadays, there is little difference between the appearance of a prostitute and the appearance of what the world upholds as a sexy, attractive woman.”

The more we uncover, the more we lose.

Our culture teaches us that “if you want to be hot, show what you’ve got.”
Their worldview tells us that nakedness should be publicly embraced and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. They promise us lofty messages with their sexual liberation message…but what they fail to mention is the fine print.

The very thing most girls and women want is to be valued and respected, but sadly, that is the very thing we’re throwing away. By exposing our most intimate body parts for anyone to see, we’re training the world to view us as “objects” instead of dignified humans.

When we sell our nakedness on the front of magazines, we are training men (and women) to view us an item to be purchased. The more we uncover our bodies the more we throw away our dignity.

When we don’t value and protect our own nakedness, we are unconsciously training men to do the same. When we expose our most intimate body parts for the general public to see, we cheapen their value. A treasure is only called a treasure because it’s valuable and rare.

God created girls to be beautiful.

One thing I want to make very clear here is that our female beauty and sexuality is not the enemy here. In fact, one of the most beautiful things about being a girl is that God designed us to be just that – beautiful. There is nothing wrong with our beauty and our sexuality at its core.

Our sinful world has taken what God designed to be sacred and precious turned it into something common and cheap.

God has actually given us girls the ability (and desire) to be sexually alluring and enticing to the opposite gender. However, this allure isn’t for any man out there. He created us this way for the purpose of captivating one guy – our husband.

Proverbs 5:19 is talking to husbands about their wives and says, “May you always be captivated by her love.” This verse can also be translated to say, “may you always be intoxicated, exhilarated, and ravished by her love.”

Save your sexual allure for one man.

God is the creator of sexual allure and He had a specific purpose for how it should be used.

The world will tell you to use your sexual allure to attract guys and to gain attention, but that is only selling yourself short.

Dannah Gresh says, “God’s intended purpose for you as a carefully crafted masterpiece is to intoxicate one man with the fullest extent of your beauty. That’s the bull’s-eye. When you dress immodestly, you create arousal in many men. That is missing the mark.”

Your sexual allure is a gift from God for the purpose of totally intoxicating your future husband. When you wear immodest clothes and arouse any guy passing by, you are using your sexual allure in an ungodly way.

Your body is extremely valuable, so treat it with respect.

*As a Christian girl your body is more than just the beautiful artwork of God, it’s actually the temple of God. “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Cor. 6:19-21).

We should treat our bodies with great respect and dignity because the Holy Spirit lives inside of us. By respecting God’s temple through pure actions and dress, we bring honor to God.

Don’t buy into the lies of our culture that “sexual freedom” is the best route to go. It’s a dead end road that will only leave you hungry for more. Instead, use your beautiful body to glorify God by placing value on your nakedness and saving your sexual allure for one man.

By: Kristan Clark
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Article from http://www.girldefined.com/popular-lose-respect-girl

When did abusing women become the norm?

Tell me. What would you do if you seen a man in public abusing a woman?

Slapping her around. Puncking her around. Pushing her around.
What would you do or how would you handle that situation especially as a man?

Not to long ago I watched this video about how people responded when they witnessed a couple (two “actors”) in the middle of domestic abuse.

It was good to see that people stood up and intervened!

But for me the best scene was when a man came from behind the boyfriend(actor) and kinda tackled him down to the ground to ‘rescue’ the girl.
It actually made me want to cry even because of the man’s bravery to step in and help!
And even after they informed the man that it was not real and just part of an experiment to raise awareness on domestic abuse. The man continues to ask the girl if she’s okay.

Then it made me think…
“Public” abuse of any kind is considered horrible, illegal, and shameful. BUT what about all the “private” abuse that goes on? You know.. abuse that is kept on the down low.
Like exploitation of women and children!


Or the sexualization of girls.

It’s pretty much everywhere.

Turn on the T.V. BOOM! There it is.
Walk around at the mall and it’ll slap you in the face.
Turn on the radio and yup it’s there too.

And if all else fails. Well, just give it up for porn. Because that sucker will chew you up and spit you out. Leaving you disrespecting girls and callous towards women in general.

No wonder women easily walk around believing they are only worth what they can do sexually!

And the sad part is men sit by and just watch!
They don’t come to their rescue. They don’t run in harms way to save us.
Instead of using their strength and power to push aside or “tackle” whatever is hurting us. They give it all away to their own selfish sexual desires.
Not even realizing
they are left spiritually castrated.
For sexual immorality indeed sucks out all of a man’s valor and strength.

Proverbs 31:3-
O my son, Do not give your strength to women

Proverbs 23:27-28-
For a whore is a deep pit, And a seductress is a narrow well.
She also lies in wait as for a victim, And increases the unfaithful among men.

I can’t speak for a man because I’m not one.
But I could only hope that men would STOP allowing women to be treated as objects that are only used.
And instead magnify their actions that would proclaim that women are human beings to be LOVED!

A man might ask: How?
And this is what I would recommend as a woman myself.

If and when they see a woman being objectified (which means treating a person as a thing, without regard to their dignity).
When they see a girl being sexualized.
Stop! Speak up! Say something!
Help her! Rescue her!
And many times that could simply mean
-CHANGING THE MOVIE. -Or changing the music you hear.
-Speaking to their daughters about modesty.
-Speaking to their sons about respecting all girls.
Yes, even if they are dressed like prostitutes.

It would be awesome to see men try it.
Next time they came into contact with a girl/woman that unknowingly had the words “Use me” written all over her. Truly look at her. Into her eyes and tell yourself ‘she is somebody’s daughter’.
Engrave it into your mind that she is worthy of respect and honor and love. Not that she might be dressed like it. BUT because she is a human being just like you.

At the end of the day. When all is said and done. We ALL want to be loved. No matter if we think we deserve it or not. No matter if everyone else told us or made us feel unwanted.
We all need love.

So let’s all try it.
Let’s do our part in NOT allowing ourselves or other women to be treated as things.

*Sadly, I believe lots of people take part in helping the exploitation of children and women without even knowing it.

A man can sit there and watch porn. He can sit there unmoved while a women is getting raped and violently abused in every way possible. He can sit there and witness the exploitation of a girl AND NOT BE MOVED TO RESCUE HER. TO SAVE HER?
What is wrong with that picture?!

I can only hope and pray that women everywhere would stand up, take control and shout NO MORE! to what is being done to them.

I can only continue to hope that men everywhere would push away the vices and gain back their strength once again and FIGHT FOR US!

And for ALL the men that already are (yes they do still exist)
May your reward be great!

~~songsofintimacy. 💋