MY No Sex Challenge Story

image[My husband’s and I FIRST kiss]

God created sex. He’s the One who created intimacy in the first place that day oh so long ago.. I would say He knows a thing or two what He’s talkin about. Maybe if we truly explored what He says about it..we would be better off. In soul, spirt, and body. You Could say that’s what I did after honestly, personally trying it my way and just getting hurt, broken, and feeling nothing the next day. So when I met my future husband we ended up doing this no sex challenge thang.
Yes, it was different. But something just felt right, something felt pure.
He than became my fiancee.. than he became my husband.

We didn’t have sex (make love) till our wedding night. Yes, I’ve heard the “you gotta try it before you buy it” junk. Oh such a LIE!
My own mom and some relatives of mine even laughed at me. They couldn’t believe I didn’t have sex with my boyfriend/fiancee.

*But you could say we proved them..(Well, God did…since we just did it His way) because we have celebrated our 12 yr anniversary!
I don’t know, but I’ve tried it both ways and God’s way worked for me:)
Maybe because He created it…… 😉

So one reason I started the ‘No Sex Challenge’ here on this blog:) is because There is just so much more involved in sex than some people seem to believe. It breaks my heart. You know, I never knew I could ever have true intimacy…I don’t think I even knew it existed sadly.. but I have found the one my soul loves and desires.:) I call him Alex.
Well actually he found me.;)
True intimacy does exist! But I believe we have to find it in the One who created it in the first place.🙂

And that’s why I write… show others that true selfless love and sex/intimacy can exist together.
And the only reason I know is because I’m living it.

If you have a No Sex Challenge story, I would love to hear about it. Please comment below or send me the link or email me:

**Or if you would like to start your own “no sex challenge story” please click here! And let the fun begin!!!!

((And if you’d like to read about our FIRST kiss…check it out HERE!))


16 thoughts on “MY No Sex Challenge Story

  1. so many of my friends are shocked when I tell them that I don’t plan on having sex until marriage. I tell them, “I want my ‘first’ to be a man I am hopelessly in love with. And that man will be my husband.” 🙂 Your story is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing speaking out!

    • Awesome, so very proud of you thenewstatistic!! God will truly help and honor you for that decision! 🙂 You will reap the benefits and blessings in your marriage because of that decision also. Believe me I did, and I continue to. :)♥ *Purity* is something our body and soul really does CRAVE. Thank you for visiting! And stay strong….and if you ever need encouragement please msg me anytime!!

      • My parents were both eachother’s “first” and they have been in love for almost 25 years now. It makes me so happy to see how others have found that same happiness 🙂 and thank you very much

  2. Well, you’ve just read my no-sex story, but am now checking out the rest of your blog – good for you for getting that far, I’m slightly jealous but also proud 😉 keep shouting out to the world! we need people like you!!!

    • Amen Mizpeh! So happy that you are waiting! 🙂 I believe God truly delights in that! Because well…that’s how He designed it from the beginning. Hope you read my post about my husband’s and I first kiss…hope it also encourages you! 🙂
      I know the wait can be hard at times but it’ll be worth it when that ring is finally on your finger!! 😉 Thank you for reading and for your msg. Please continue to visit…..I hope you will be encouraged.

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