Spiritual Abuse is real

* What I am sharing today is a little different from what I usually share here. But everything written here is from the heart. So for anyone that has sadly ever or ever will experience any abuse in “the church”. Know that through the pain and sorrow. God reveals who He is and who He isn’t. * Please follow @dianelangburg on twitter for more encouragement and wisdom on this topic.

——- —— ———

My view of a pastor. Of a man of God. Has always been a respected one. A Holy one. I would even go as far as to say an untouchable one.

Even if abuse came from the very same one that God intended to be a protector. Yes, that view remained the same. But the abuse hurt. The fear became confusing. The manipulation and control downright unrightous.

God began to reveal His tenderness towards me. And in that revealed what He wasn’t. That Jesus isn’t abusive. Isn’t confusing. And in anyway shape or form manipulative or controlling. His love has always been and will always be at freewill.

So what I’m trying to say is that abuse has no place in the church.

Spirtual abuse, clergy abuse, pastoral abuse, whatever anyone wants to call it. It’s still abuse. It dishonors God’s name. And the effects are heartbreaking. I came to realize it hurts God so much more than we can imagine. When ‘men in power’ trade in their God given power to dishonor who Jesus truly is than to lay their lives down for the sake of the sheep.

It is beyond understanding how the same power that was always meant to draw the sheep to Jesus is the exact same power used to harm and too many times even kill the sheep.

The sheep are crying out. So many of these sheep have no famous name. Have no known prestige or recognition. Which unfortunately causes their crys to go unheard or many times “swept under the rug”.

Sadly, so many sheep have gone astray believing the lie that ungodly power has taught them. That God is a disappointment. That God has betrayed them. That He has chosen to look the other way from their suffering.

But their are others that have come to realize the truth. The truth of who God truly is. And isn’t. And this God would never sacrifice his sheep to elevate Himself. Even to the point of dying on a cross.

The True Shephard would never under any circumstance coerce, manipulate, or verbally/mentually/emotionally or physically abuse His sheep.

God’s heart has always been to win over his beloved. And that very same heart desires for those allowing their power to harm and hurt those under their care to repent.

God’s name is honored when we use our power to reveal who He is. But also who He isn’t.

Jesus became righteously angry when they turned what should’ve been a house of prayer into a den of thieves.

What would Jesus say if He walked into your church?

Would He allow what you allow?

Would He ignore the crys of the afflicted?

Would He weep? Or would He become righteously angry at the treatment of His beloved sheep?

My cry. My hope. My prayer is that these words may be what allows a foothold into the door that remains closed with too many masked behind it. Perpetrators yes, but also those fearfully or unwilling to speak up.

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