A girls Survival instinct for acceptance & love

Girls parade themselves.
They flaunt themselves.
But it gets to a point where they don’t even know they are doing it.
They knowingly and unknowingly do things to gather attention.
Maybe it’s by what they choose to wear.
Or maybe by laughing a little to loud on purpose.
Or maybe … Yes … Maybe it’s just all in their head.
They believe things that are NOT true.
They believe they know things that are just made up in their minds.
It’s sad really. If you think about it.

They crave attention not only because they like it. But because it’s a way to survive. Its their survival instinct. Its what their mind creates to make them feel accepted and loved.
They don’t want to be lonely.
They don’t want to be alone.
Or humiliated or ridiculed.
They want others to believe they are doing great. And she is a lot of the times. But at other times she’s not.
They believe that guy wants them. But in reality she NEEDS to believe he wants her because she wants to feel beautiful. She believes she can only be wanted and beautiful if a man gives her some kind of attention. Even if he’s a married man.
Her mind is sick and twisted.
But she believes she knows where it all came from.

No daddy. No father. He wasn’t there to tell her she was ENOUGH.
He hadn’t been there to hug her and let her know that she didn’t NEED no man to make her feel beautiful. Because she ALREADY was.
She now wishes with everything in her that she had had that pure fatherly love and bond. Maybe she wouldn’t think the way she thinks at times. The thoughts that torment her. That pop up over and over again. She wants freedom.

She thinks of suicide.
The thoughts would end then. Wouldn’t they?

No! She knows she’s stronger than that.
She’s gotta know KNOW know that her worth is there. That her beauty is there. Yes even without the make-up or cute clothes.


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