Let’s talk about sex baby

Found someone who reminds me a little of what I write… so if your a Christian ‘chick’ especially if your dating or single….READ ON!! 🙂


      Sex, the oh so awkward topic amongst Christians, but why does it have to be so awkward? God created sex as a gift to us, but it’s a gift that’s made for inside marriage. Sex creates a unique and very intimate bond that God designed to be kept between husband and wife. For some reason many Christians are afraid to talk about sex, they act as it’s an unholy matter, when it’s only unholy when it’s out of wedlock. God knows that when it’s misused it can cause many negative outcomes; abuse, heartbreak, a misconception on love, and so many other negative things.

     For some reason speaking about sex seems to be forbidden amongst Christians, but it’s a gift from God. It’s something that can be dangerous when it’s misused, that’s why God commands us to abstain from sex outside of wedlock. Our bodies are temples, not amusement parks, we are…

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