11 years?! Who lasts that long anymore!

11 years ago you waited for me.
11 years ago you told me you loved me.
11 years ago you kissed me for the very first time!
11 years ago you married me.

image [May 2003]

So much has happened since than!
We had a son.
We had a daughter.
And we have had many many trials.
Many fights.
Many sorrows.
But much love. Oh so much love.
Much happiness.
And much fun.

We stuck together when we lost those three precious babies that we will see one day.
We stuck together when your dear mom passed away. Oh that was a  super hard time for you.
We stuck together when some awful things happened and we didn’t think we’d stay together. 

11 years.
Why doesn’t it seem that long at all?

Your the one that taught me that not all men are liars.
Your the one that taught me what a good man is.
Through you I learned what love must really feel like.

The times when we were first married and you would come home from work and we would just hug and hug.
The times you put up with me when I was or should I say am grouchy and mean.
All those times you made and continue to make me feel so beautiful and worthy.

Thank you for waiting for me .
Thank you for respecting me.
Thank you for respecting God.
Thank you for the example you give to our son.
Thank you for being a reflection of Jesus. To our daughter. To our church. To my family.

And I know my dad doesn’t share his feelings. But if he did. I know he would say “Thank you for taking care of my daughter. Thank you for making her happy. You are a good man. And a great son in law.” (His only son-in-law) 😉

11 years.
How did we do it?
Well, I think we both know the answer to that question.
The One that brought us together… is the only One that has kept us together!

So here’s to another 50+ years Alex!!

The love triangle:


Remember the closer we get to Him.
The closer we get to each other.

So glad I get to be your wife.
Your one and only source of romance.

[May 2014]


2 thoughts on “11 years?! Who lasts that long anymore!

  1. Awwww, Loving it !!
    I am single right now and I have been debating whether I should wait to kiss once I am in a relationship… my best friend decided not to long ago to wait til her wedding day to kiss. I think it’s awesome, I really am considering waiting.

    • It is amazing!!!! ❤ Sometimes I tell my husband kiss me the way you did when we got married! And he will!!
      I still remember our kiss as husband and wife. Plus I believe waiting till marriage to kiss only adds to making marriage worth the wait. And no don't listen to those people that say "OMG but what if he can't kiss"!?
      LOL! Whatever! And hey even if he "can't" …..you guys can have a good fun time teaching him! 😉 😀

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