I know someone who can’t resist just a one-night-stand

What if I told you there was actually someone who would NEVER ever even think about abusing you in any way.

A man that didn’t want you just for one thing.

A gentleman that absolutely knew your worth and cherished it.

A lover that couldn’t resist just a “one-night-stand” with you.
A lover that was actually still there with you in the morning.

A man that lovingly and protectingly watched you as you slept while totally and madly IN LOVE with every part of you.

A man that no matter how many times you hurt him would always forgive you and still love you and remain true.

A man that remained FAITHFUL to you no matter what.

He’d never make you cry.
He’d never break your heart.
He’d never lie to you.
He’d never humiliate you.
He’d never violate you.

You would be his and he would be yours.

What if I told you he really does exist. And no, he is not “taken”.
Seems too good to be true?
It’s not.
I promise you it’s not!

12 years ago I probably would’ve not believed it neither!
Because 12 years ago I was a young girl looking for love in all the wrong places.

I wanted love so bad that I allowed myself to be used. To be disrespected. But in reality it’s because I believed that’s just the way it was.

By the age of 16 I found myself already falling into the multiple sex partner trap. * You can read about that HERE! *

Up to that point I had already experienced males using me and breaking my heart. Which most young girls do.
But the sad thing is it becomes the norm.
Eventually it almost becomes OK for males to use us.
To be unfaithful.
To tear our hearts apart.
It’s like we get used to that kind of treatment.


Why do we settle for so much less?
When God created us for so much more.
But it’s like we get to a point where we can’t help it.
We accept being used.
We accept being lied to.
We accept having our hearts torn in two over and over and over again.
We accept a man getting free sex from us. (I believe any sex outside of a true committed marriage relationship is free sex .)
We give away free sex than cry later when they want nothing to do with us. When they deeply probably never did but just stuck around for the free sex.


I cried.
I cried like a baby.
But did I go back? Uh-huh.
Honestly by the time I met this new man that I would fall so madly in love with.
This man that would show me what true love really was I had already accepted the love I thought I deserved.

That ‘love’ that hurts you but makes you believe that’s all you’ll ever find.
That ‘love’ that makes you believe you have to give up your body in order to “keep him”.
That “love” that at the end just chews you up and spits you out.
And the longer you accept this. The harder it is to accept the TRUTH.

So who is this new ‘Man’ I met anyway?
This gentleman who would never break your heart?
That would never be unfaithful.
That would still be there the morning after.
The One who could never settle for only a “one night stand”.
Because He would care for you too much to just have you one day a week. The one that wants you. The one that wants your heart. The one that longs to be yours.

His name…
His name is Jesus.

image[pintrest ]

Now throw religion out the front door because that’s not what I’m talking about!

I’m talking about a love so passionate, so on fire, so real, so beautiful that you would think yourself mad to not accept it!
But it can be hard to accept.
Especially after accepting garbage for so long. For too long.

I could’ve never believed it had I not experienced it.
But oh friend how I have.
And 12 years later. I still am!

His love never changes.
It never fails.
It never runs out on me.

Don’t believe me?
Well, try it! And experience it for yourself.
His love is so perfect and pure that it can be hard to grasp and accept sometimes.
But I promise once you do it’s like a “high” you wouldn’t believe.

Maybe this means cutting off that mate that only really uses you as a “booty call”.
Or that boy that tells you that “one day he’ll marry you, just not now”. But he still asks for free sex.
Or letting go for good the dude that continues to hurt you, to break your heart, lying and cheating.
Or maybe moving out from your boyfriend’s place no longer allowing yourself to be a pretend wife.
Or you fill in the blank ___.


My hearts cry to you this day would be please please

Quit settling for garbage when you were created for diamonds!

image[pintrest ]


Thank you Father for revealing to me what real love was and is. I’m so full of joy and thankfulness that you rescued me when You did. Even though I probably wouldn’t have said I needed rescuing. You knew I did.
Your love for me is sometimes even too much to comprehend.
I pray that more girls would meet you and allow themselves to be loved by You.




11 thoughts on “I know someone who can’t resist just a one-night-stand

  1. Thank you so much for this post,i needed to see this tonight.It was very refreshing and as a born again Christian trying to stay celibate until Marriage this was a much needed reconfirmation,YHWH Bless you

    • Aw this is why I write. If even one person can be touched in some way than it’s all worth it! So glad you read it. 😀 🙂
      Staying pure till marriage will be your testimony and message one day to other girls and women! Keep it up! Believe me It’s amazing

  2. …A love so passionate, so on fire, so real..
    Yes yes 1000 times yes. That right there is the love of God.
    Beautifully written friend
    Love you.

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