The Mask

I believe this is the hearts cry of many girls that truly and deeply simply desire to be loved, wanted, accepted, and cherished.
And that kinda love does exist but the only place I truly and honestly found it was when it actually found me! All alone in my room one night crying like a baby out to a God that I had always pushed to the side not knowing that in Him I would find everything I had been longing for all my life… And I did and I have. 🙂

Stuck in her Daydream

I hide behind a mask of layers.
Layers of cosmetics to conceal my flaws. But what are we without our flaws?
Why conceal your flaws if your only hope of ever experiencing something “real” depends on opening up and revealing them?
Why can’t I accept myself the way I am?
Going through treatments and medication… All for what?
Hiding my self doubt and insecurities instead of showing the world who I really am..
The truth is, I’m not the confident and outgoing girl everyone perceives me as.. I’m just another girl with a long list of insecurities. I just hide them behind partying too hard, drinking too much and smoking these doubts away.
Why does it have to be that way?
I hate having to worry about what the man next to me in bed will think of me when the sun is up and the darkness is gone. Will…

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