Who wants a ….”good boy”??


Why is that many girls/women fall for “bad boys”?
What is a “bad boy” anyways?
Lets see…

If he has tattoos?
If he wears his jeans way below his bottom?
If he cusses and swears and smokes?
If he wears an earring or earrings?
If he still lives at home with his momma?
Or maybe if he’s a “playa“…you know has a new girl every other night?

I have to admit… I actually fell for a “bad boy” myself when I was just 15.

(I know now that my bad boy addiction was just the symptom of a much more deeper issue in my heart. But I’ll leave that for another post….coming soon..)

But now let’s talk about “good boys” because that’s what this post is really about!

And let me just say that I ended up marrying a GOOD BOY! And I am truly LOVING it!!

Sometimes we might think that a good boy is some dude that is geeky, nerdy, too skinny, badly out of tune with fashion, blah blah blah….
Is that really a good boy?

What about a man that wants to save his next sexual encounter for marriage.
What about the boy that chooses to not kiss a girl till he puts that wedding ring on her finger.
Or that young man that lives clean, pure, and trying his best to obey God.

That was the kinda good boy I happily married.

We saved ourselves till our wedding night.
We chose to keep our first kiss till after our pastor announced: “You may kiss the bride”!
My husband lived for God. But not only on the weekends or just on Sunday mornings.
He decided at the age of 20 that he would wholeheartedly live a life that would please God.

**So if that makes him a good boy…than so be it.**

And now he is teaching our young son to be a “good boy”!
And I gotta say that makes me a very proud wife. And maybe even one day a happy and blessed mother-in-law to that very special and lucky good girl that will call my son her “good boy”.

So if your a “good boy” .. THANK YOU!!!

And if living to truly please God makes YOU a so called “good boy” than who cares, so be it! KEEP IT UP!

Now I know that in Isaiah 64:6 it clearly states that our “goodness” is like filthy rags.
So I’m not in any way saying that you doing “good things” automatically turns you into a “good boy”.

But I am ‘defending’ all you men/boys out there that ARE keeping themselves pure till their incredible wedding night!! 🙂

And I am ‘rooting’ for you boys that take commitment SERIOUSLY!!
That choose to NOT be out there making “baby mommas”!

Yes! Those awesome men that RESPECT a girl way too much to just make her a little “shack-up” honey!

And ALL them boys that are not afraid to be called “prude”, dumb, or afraid to be singled out BECAUSE they haven’t had sex yet, haven’t tongue kissed a girl just yet,
or have never watched porn!…and don’t plan on ever watching it neither!

Your the kinda boy I would want for my daughter to grow up and marry. 😉

So Do NOT let the world lower your standards!!
**There are girls out there that are waiting for someone just like you! **

I believe God created men to be Strong, faithful, loving, respectful, a provider, etc!!

I am so grateful to God that He sent me a “good boy”. 🙂 And that by than He had broken “the bad boy addiction
so I was able to relax and truly allow myself to deeply fall in love with a man that didn’t smoke, party and sleep around.((SHOCK))

A man that was not a womanizer! And a man that actually wanted commitment!((SHOCK))

A man that respected me enough to shower me with love WITHOUT sex involved!(Until after our wedding day, of course) 😉 ((DOUBLE SHOCKER))

I tell you these kinda men still exist!
take your eyes off of them bad boys and start respecting and guarding yourself, your body, your heart and you just might allow yourself to relax and fall in love with someone you were meant for! That someone that believes you are worthy of love….
True Love.

I promise its so worth it!! Yes….11 years later…its still worth it!

So good boys come out, come out wherever you are….And stand strong and don’t give up!
If God is for you, who can be against you?

Thank you @Mizzpeh for the inspiration to write this post!


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