Mom, how does he survive without a Dad?


We had came home that day from visiting my mom(my son’s grandma). Where my son had played with his cousins (my nephews).
Nothing out of the ordinary. ….except… that later on that day my son out of no where asked me a truly deep question. One that makes you ponder and think …..

Mom, How does Corey survive without a dad ??

My son is only 8…..but the question he asked was terrifying… to say the least.

Did my son see something that a lot of people don’t?..

How can someone survive without a dad?
What did my son mean when he asked that question. … I don’t really know for sure but if I could view it from the outside looking in..through the eyes of an 8 year old little boy.. I would have to say:

No dad, to wrestle with.

No dad, to play football with.

No dad, to go fishing with.

No dad, to joke with, laugh with, share boy secrets with.

No dad, to get dirty with, to be stinky with or to have adventures with.


I know my son could not survive without a dad.
Live without one..maybe.
But survive is a different story.


My nephew is just one in a huge HUGE epidemic amount of children growing up without fathers.

It truly is heartbreaking what it actually does to children.
Just google it and you will find study’s and stories about this fatherless generation.

**Children were meant to have a mother AND a father.
No matter who says otherwise!
I myself have witnessed the sadness, the pain, the violation, the confusion, having NO dad brings.

Yes. I do know that some children have no other choice……such as having a deceased parent, or having to stay away in order to be safe. Etc..
But I believe for the most part…children are having to grow up without a dad because of the choices of their mother.

*A lot of Women choose to make a baby with some dude that obviously doesn’t care a penny more than just being your hump partner.

*A lot of Women choose to become just a shack up honey with some guy that lives out his relationship with one foot in, one foot out.

*Some women drag their children with them to this relationship and that relationship…causing so much damage and confusion to the poor kids.

So my dear son, I don’t know?…. I really don’t know how Corey survives without a Dad….
Without that love and security.
Without that caring, strong and masculine influence.
Without that example and image of a Real Man.

Maybe he doesn’t.

And that my son is the sad part of it all.


And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me;
but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
Matthew 18:5-6

Maybe too many are too busy living for themselves that they don’t notice, realize and understand sadly that they are raising the next generation… and I wholeheartedly believe we need more MEN to help raise these precious children.
More than just being around.
More like help training, correcting, challenging, loving and REALLY being there.
No matter what.

This generation is crying out for fathers.

Sad thing is many adults(Men and Women) don’t want to wake up and see it.

BUT when an 8 yr old does….you know we are in trouble!!

Photo credit: Amherst College Archives / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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