First kiss

He turned to me.
I looked at him…shyly.
Than he said, “Come on”.
And I did.


Okay. Wow. The other day I was reading MY NO SEX CHALLENGE STORY and couldn’t believe I actually forgot to add one important detail! :O ……
♡ THE KISS! ♡ 😀

Yes! Soooo thought I’d just write a post about it! 🙂
I met my prince charming (my husband) when I was about 16/17 yrs old. I can’t say I was looking for a ‘man’ or a boyfriend when we met. Because I really wasn’t! But long story short…we met. Talked. Laughed. Hung out with friends. Talked on the phone. Talked at church..and well eventually married.
So pretty much almost like any other dating relationship.


So what’s the little detail I left out??
Oh yeah, the kiss!

Okay, here goes. Ready?
Say what??!!…
Yes, you read right….
We CHOSE not to kiss until our wedding day!

~My husband’s and I first kiss together was right after our pastor said, “You may kiss the bride”.
And that is when my husband turned to me and yes he did actually say to me, “Come on”. LOL!

Oh Yes, I can still remember that kiss!
Yes, we really, seriously, like for reals did not kiss once until after our pastor married us! (before lots of family & friends!)

So every year when we celebrate our marriage anniversary…it is also our First Kiss Anniversary TOO! 🙂 ♡
So not only did we both choose to save sex(love-making) ’till marriage…..we also saved our first kiss ’till he placed that wedding ring on my finger!!


*Please know I do not say this to sound better or “holier than thou” in any way.
*But I share it to say that IT CAN BE DONE!

Of course not on your own strength!
But with God….ALL things are possible!

If you would’ve told me when I was a crazy 15 yr. old girl that I was going to WAIT ’till marriage to KISS my ‘man’….I probably WOULD NOT have believed you!!

And I know some may not understand, and I know some may have questions, so if you do feel free to ask me. 🙂
Because I know in the world we live in now….a world where saving yourself much less saving your first kiss for marriage is looked down upon, is laughed at, and can be thought of as being prude and boring, my story may sound UNusual but in reality I know many that are choosing to wait. AND BELIEVE ME ONCE YOU MARRY……well let me just put it this way…. I believe The honeymoon stage can last a little bit longer since “*everything*” is fresh and new. 😉

I know some may not agree but…..

Remember God’s plans are always better than what our own minds could ever even conjure up!

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.
~Psalms 32:8

Allow God to guide you.
He created intimacy in the first place……so maybe, just maybe….He KNOWS what He’s talking about.

To start your own No Sex Challenge you can read more here!

Photo credit: Daniel Stark / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: Extra Medium / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


6 thoughts on “First kiss

  1. SO proud of you! God is so wise. I’m sure you saved yourselves from many, many difficult nights of trying to “handle” the notorious flesh by staying pure! Glory be to God. Always so happy to read your posts. Great advise for our young people!

  2. I’m amazed that you were able to do this! I know one other person who says she’s going to save her next kiss for her wedding day. I also know one couple who attempted it and failed (they haven’t made love yet, though, and are getting married in May). I’m so happy for you and your marriage and I LOVE your blog!

    • Thank you so very much!
      I’ll tell ya.. God truly showed Himself real! He helped us and gave us strength to keep ourselves pure till our wedding day:) I didn’t even know this kind of Love existed! But it is now a memory we will NEVER forget, and also one we are able to share with our children. And I have also shared it with many young girls that I hope made an impact on them 🙂
      Thanks for reading.

    • You said it beautifully. .. that someone will wait for them. Truly if they believed and knew without a doubt that someone truly would they would *want* to save themselves.
      Thanks for your comment.:)

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