A Pornography Society

That little “messy” ‘p’ word…..

Purposefully Scarred

The sexualisation of our society has had many incredibly detrimental and negative effects. The “pornification of women” has become so commonplace and so readily accessible, it is no small wonder 10 and 11 year old children are viewing porn on a regular basis. Pornography and those images which degrade women and the female body have become the sex-ed for the new generation.

Zoe Williams aptly likens the omnipresent sexist and pornified images of the female figure to air pollution:

I see pornographic images in mainstream spaces and I never give it much thought. Maybe it’s a copy of the Sunday Sport next to an offer on Maltesers, with a picture of a mostly naked woman in an auditioning-for-a-porn-film pose; or a T-shirt in the window of a high-street chain, with a picture of two naked women snogging; or a van going past with a picture of a pneumatic-breasted…

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