Oh baby give me some chivalry…


First of all… What is Chivalry?


a. The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as







gallantry toward women.
(GallantryPolite attention or respect given by men to women.)
b. A manifestation of any of these qualities.

Second of all… WOW, WOW, WOW!!
Third of all… What does it mean to be lady-like?
I know many people could have different answers. But I read an AWESOME article about being lady-like and I believe it hit it right on!!!

(I’ll share some of it but I’ll share the link so you can read the rest of it… believe me it is worth the read!)

A lady…..
understands that her appearance, behavior, and way of communicating provide others with valuable insight into her character. She knows that her true beauty is not acquired at a make-up counter, with a new outfit, or by following the latest Hollywood trend. Rather, she understands true beauty is first inward.
A lady understands that her real strength is not found in trying to be like a man, but rather, in being gracious, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, self-assured, and poised.

© Copyright 2013.*Written by Deborah King, What Would Mrs King Do?*
(And if your a Christian I would personally also add godly to that list.)

And here are some more lady-like attributes that I believe would tremendously and powerfully make some if not most men rise up and bring CHIVALRY along with them!…

☆Allow him to open your car door.
(My husband actually did this when we were dating. And no it wasn’t back in the 50’s…The year was 2003 to be exact. 🙂

☆Allow no sexual touching or “fooling around” until that WEDDING ring is on your finger. (Make sure he’s ‘The One’ first of course!)


☆Allow him to pay when you go out to dinner/lunch/movie/brunch/ etc.. you get the point.

☆Allow him to “Woo you”, and yes that can be done without sex.
(Remember “Ladies, if he’s not going to put you on a pedestal, don’t put yourself under him.”

☆Allow yourself to dress modestly especially when with him.


Oh there are probably many more I could name… but how about you? Do you happen to have any suggestions?
Or do you have any ideas that could bring back some CHIVALRY?

(I also know there are probably many girls/women that have no clue on how to be lady-like….believe me I was NOT raised to be lady-like! But maybe the first step is learning to be more lady-like and than being an influence, impact and an inspiration to someone else who is looking up to you!)

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6 thoughts on “Oh baby give me some chivalry…

  1. You have written so many good articles, but I think this one is my most favorite by far!! you said some RRReally good things and SO many of them! I’m not even sure where to begin. Anyway, as always–you are gifted and called to reach us and call us back to something truly precious in the sight of God. I am SO glad to know someone with a heart and thoughts like yours!!

    ps: when you said: Allow no sexual touching or “fooling around” until that ring is on your finger– Just need to clarify that we mean the Wedding band, not the engagement ring, right? 🙂

    Love you sis!!
    This was a good one 🙂

    • Aw thank you so very much journeyofjoy. That is so very sweet of you to say. I do not take it lightly! I pray God continues to use me because I know it is not me! It is ALL Him.:)
      I just know that He didn’t create us girls/women for any ungodly or unclean purpose.Thank you for making my heart smile.♡ God’s wisdom always fascinates me.

  2. I love this, but suddenly thought – I’d really love to hear your husband’s point of view! Could you persuade him to write a paragraph or a post describing why you were worth the wait etc? Not because your words aren’t worth hearing but because I think it’s so rare to also hear it from a man!! Anyway, thanks for sharing! This is great!

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