THE shine on AWARD!…

       (The ☆Shine On☆ Award)


🙂 Thank you Divine for thinking of me and for spending your precious time reading my posts!…Means a lot.

The Shine On Award is a wonderful way to show support and appreciation of fellow bloggers.

The receiver of the award must adhere to a few simple rules.
The Rules are as follows…

1) Display the award logo on your blog/website.
2) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3) Share seven things about yourself.
4) Choose fifteen bloggers to nominate for this award. Link them back to your page.
(Sorry I only chose 13)

Seven Things ’bout me… ((drumroll))

One: I am such a girly girl…(such as skirts, make-up, and sparkly stuff) and I loove it!!

Two: I try really hard to read my Bible at least once a day.

Three: I enjoy singing…in the shower..actually it’s more like performing. LOL!

Four: I’ve cried like a baby…over a couple dumb guys.

Five: I absolutely love the sound and smell of rain!

Six: Isaiah 61:3, and Micah 7:18-19 are verses in the Bible that make my heart sing. ♡

Seven: Last but not least,
My heart’s desire is to see girls realize their TRUE worth. (So if I can help at least one girl…than my writing would be all worth it.)

And my nominees for the Shine On Award are……

Journey Of Joy

Arika Ivery

Bullentin Of The Oppression Of Women

Malykedwards (A Life Of A Teenage Girl…)

Play For Christ

Nina Roesner

Peaceful Wife

Tin Obra

Daughter By Design

Cry’s Blog

Lessons Of Mercy

The Story Of My Scars

Living By Faith

CONGRATULATIONS to all the nominees!!! 🙂 Keep writing from your heart. Your words/stories/experiences truly inspire!


7 thoughts on “THE shine on AWARD!…

  1. thank you so much 🙂 I wanted you to know, though, I changed the title of my web page to match my username, so the new link to my blog is thank you again! and best wishes ❤

  2. So nice of you to nominate me! I am humbled and so excited… Also, it’s so good to read the 7 special things about you 🙂 I love girly-girls, our older daughter is just that! Love & many blessings to you dear. I will post on the award. God’s best to you and all you do!!

    In Christ Always,

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