The Truth can hurt. (Quotes that might leave you speechless?)


“Throughout the animal kingdom, males have to prove themselves to females. But that’s not always the case for humans.”.

“When you shack up, you don’t owe each other anything. That’s why guys like it..”

“When a man loves a woman, he gets down on one knee. He doesn’t ask her to shack up & be his unpaid whore.

“Men ask women to shack up b/c they don’t want to make a commitment, put them on a pedestal, and elevate them to wifehood..”

“If a guy doesn’t respect your values, he doesn’t want you – he wants nooky.”

“Men wouldn’t get away with half of the stuff they do if women didn’t let them.”

“The number one cause of anxiety & depression in kids is divorce.”

▶▶ Sex can be hurtful not only because of infectious diseases but also because it leaves us vulnerable and more likely to cling to people who don’t love us, mourn those who leave us, and not know how to escape those who need us but whom we don’t love.


My personal “quotes” to you:
You are beautiful.
You are worth more than gold.
You are worth loving.
You are worth respecting.


9 thoughts on “The Truth can hurt. (Quotes that might leave you speechless?)

    • I’m glad:) You must be a girl with a great and strong head on your shoulders! Don’t ever lower your standards for anyone especially a guy. Always make them come up to yours.;) That’ll show you their true character.
      Thank you for your message!

  1. VERY good, very TRUE!! Please keep writing and calling us all to a higher standard. You keep it real. it’s necessary. We’ve sugarcoated everything and made a big mess of each other’s lives. Thank you for being honest!

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