They just want to be loved

“The way girls give it up for nothing these days, it’s the best time in the universe to be a young male.” quoted radio talk-show host Dr. Laura recently!

But why do they give it up for almost nothing?
So.. Let me go back to when I was only 15 and I chose “to give it up”.

I wanted to be loved
I wanted to be delighted in
I wanted to be adored
I wanted to be enough..for somebody..anybody.
I wanted to be beautiful..and I wanted/needed to hear it!

My world was shaky
My father was an alcoholic
My parent’s marriage relationship was far from what any marriage should look like.
So maybe it was no wonder I didn’t know how a man should treat a woman.

I didnt know a REAL man protects.
I didn’t know a REAL man’s strength is not in his good looks, muscles, or popularity.
I didn’t know a REAL man actually romances you, talks to you, cherishes you, courts you, instead of just bypassing all of that for sex.

I “gave it up” because it felt good at the time.
I “gave it up” because I thought sex equaled love.
I “gave it up” because hey, he was cute, popular, and it made me feel beautiful. It made me feel enough. It made me feel wanted.
Not because he cherished me, or protected me, or loved me..Ha! Nope! I was only 15, I didn’t know what love looked like.

I know how it is to “give it up” just for that temporary feeling of being loved, wanted, and adored.


6 thoughts on “They just want to be loved

  1. So real, so true! thanks for being transparent. I’m feeling God ignite the love I always had for young people. I pray we can mentor/influence them for their utmost value+worth. thanks for the great post.

    • Thank you so much for your comment journeyofjoy! That is awesome to hear about your love for young people! I also have a special place for them in my heart. I hate seeing the lies this world and culture feeds them. So heartbreaking…but the lies never change..seems to be the same lies I fell for at that vulnerable age. But yes God can speak through us and use us to influence them and guide them to the Truth!

  2. Amen! Isn’t that true? The lie is the same, it never changes. I can’t tell you how many (adult female friends) I have who are still battling the effects of what happened back then when they were 15, 16, 17. If we could prevent it from the front end, it would help us have more “wholeness” in our relationships, marriages etc.

    • Sadly very very true.
      I have actually spoken that to some teens before…”The choices you make NOW WILL affect you later”. Thanks, I think you just gave me something to write about. lol.

    • Thank you charlieb7..that is so awesome to hear!!!..That you will be sharing this with them!:)
      Sadly, it is my true story.
      But a lot of times after we go thru stuff…it’s amazing to see how our stories can help, encourage, uplift and even change friends, family and even strangers!!
      So please do share. Thanks

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