Protecting her virtue?

He thinks about it.
Actually he had been thinking about it a lot lately.
He looks at her, in her eyes.
She looks at him, straight in his eyes.
Her eyes alone look too sweet to resist.
How can he?
Maybe he can just try it again tomorrow.

No! This is something he knows he needs to do. God only knows just how many good-hearted things he’s failed to accomplish in the past.
So here goes….
“I can’t tonight”, he says.
He kisses her slowly on her forehead. Walks past her and the bed before he changes his mind and quickly walks out into the living room and out the front door into the cool late night.

What on earth is he doing?
“I’m protecting her virtue”. He tells himself. Not just for tonight, but strength willing for a long long time.

He knows the consequences..
She might leave him.
She could betray him.
Shoot, she could even humiliate and laugh at him.
But she has to know, it’s for her, it’s because of her.
He can’t say it has much to do with love, because honestly he doesn’t even think he can say he ever truly loved her.
Some might call him prude.
Some might call him old-fashioned.
Some might even call him just plain stupid.

But what if…


7 thoughts on “Protecting her virtue?

    • Thank you so much for your comment journeyofjoy!! Yes, I truly wholeheartedly believe the world would be a ‘better’ place if more men stepped up to this challenge!
      Aw, and thank you,
      you have encouraged me to keep writing!:)
      Please visit again soon!

  1. I will definitely keep checking in 🙂 You write from the heart and I love that. I also love that you touch on things most people sidestep. Don’t stop. May God continue to increase your courage, wisdom and steadfastness!

  2. Just want to let you know I am reading. I stopped by today and I love what you write/post. I will be showing this one specially to all my little cousins that are currently in HS and middle school… 😀

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