What if..

What if.. we all just stopped having SEX
(Well, if your single that is, OF COURSE)
*And when I say single I mean YOU HAVE NO RING on your left hand, ring finger. You HAVE NO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE! So in other words YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY MARRIED. IF you have none of the above than YES, I AM TALKING TO YOU.:):):)

OKAY lets just say.. I’m single, age doesn’t matter. Male or Female? Don’t matter neither! I’m either COMPLETELY single, “shacking up”, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, am engaged, or just plain and straight up fooling around(you know different mate every night or every other night, or every week/month).
Here comes the THE CHALLENGE.

SAY WHAT!!!!!?????
Yes, the name says it all. šŸ™‚
And yes I’m talkin’ COLD TURKEY.

OK, ok, I KNOW this DARE isn’t for EVERYONE (and again I’m talking only to SINGLES)…..BUT HEY IT COULD BE?

SO if you think your MAN enough or LADY enough to begin a challenge you’ll never forget…than press play.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN…..Check out my no sex challenge page for more info. >>> CLICK HERE!


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